Because of the isolation and fear that we are all facing, we need to spend our time reading the Word and praying for each other.

In lieu of using the blue cards during corporate worship for prayer requests, we will shift to email ( or phone calls (541-296-6189) to submit our prayer requests. We will then publish the requests in upcoming updates so that we can all pray in one accord.
If you wish your prayer request to remain anonymous, you should indicate that in your email or phone call. Otherwise, your name, as with the blue cards, will be noted.

Remember, the Bible tells us to not be afraid. Focus on these Scriptures as you pray: Hebrews 13:6; I John 4:18; and John 16:33. Keep your eyes focused on Jesus – not on the turmoil of this world.

· Pray for our government and church leaders.
· Pray for those in our church family who may be suffering from loss of income.
· Pray that by doing what we are asked to do by staying home, we will be protected from the virus. Pray for God’s special protection on those with underlying illnesses that make them more vulnerable.
Make sure the church is being the church by checking on those in the body.
We claim to be people of the book. Let’s make sure we are also people of prayer! Please know that your church leaders are praying for you.

Please use your phones to check on each other.
If you have needs, please contact us at the Church office: 541-296-6189.

Continue to watch for further updates.