Opening Weekend

March 22, 2020

Plans for Opening Weekend

We realize that you have many questions about the campground and whether we’ll be open and what amenities will be available. This letter is to fill you in on our latest plan. Keep in mind that we have many licenses and are regulated by many different agencies/departments and given the fluidity of the situation, this could all change tomorrow. But, as of today this is our plan:

We still plan to open on Friday, April 10 as scheduled. If you’re going totally stir crazy at home, come on Thursday for the special rate of $15.00.

All group activities will be cancelled. This includes the poker run and polar plunge. There will be no activities by our staff and the game room will not be open. 

The bar will be open for carry-outs! We are planning on having a dedicated phone number where you can call in your order, then come in the front door to pay (if not paid by credit card over the phone). After providing your phone number, you will get a text when your order is ready and you can come in the pavilion door to pick up your food and drinks. You can also see when your order is ready by looking at the TV display in the pavilion.

The main restroom will be open and cleaned more frequently using current sanitizing guidelines. However, we encourage everyone to use the restroom in their own trailer.

The store will have limited hours and we will no doubt have to limit the number of people shopping at one time.

We encourage everyone to continue the practice of social distancing. And we all know that getting outside will feel great. Stay Healthy!