Jan. 24, 2020
Dear Superintendents, 

Cold and flu season is upon us. The California Department of Public Health reports that influenza (also known as the flu) activity levels have increased over the past several weeks, including here in San Diego County.

The 2019-2020 flu season has been complicated by recent reports of a novel coronavirus originating in Wuhan, China. Although there have been reported cases of novel coronavirus globally, to date, there have been no reported coronavirus cases in San Diego County or California. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said the current risk of local transmission is low.

We are monitoring the situation and working with state and local health officials, who will provide updated information about the diagnosis and management of cases of novel coronavirus, as applicable. SDCOE Program Specialist for Nursing Corinne McCarthy communicates regularly with school nurses across the county and will notify them of important updates regarding the flu and coronavirus.

You may have parents or staff that are concerned about the flu and/or the coronavirus. This is a good time to remind everyone what they can do to prevent the flu from spreading. This customizable letter for parents includes tips to prevent the flu and information on the coronavirus. Your schools may find it useful if they are receiving inquiries from families about either topic.  

If you have any questions, please contact Program Specialist for Nursing Corinne McCarthy at corinne.mccarthy@sdcoe.net


Dr. Paul Gothold
San Diego County Superintendent of Schools
phone: 858-292-3514