March 3, 2020

Dear CIM Students: 

I am writing to share some updates with you about the evolving situation regarding the new coronavirus, now known as COVID-19. CIM is working closely with our campus partners at Case Western Reserve University, as well as following guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to ensure the health and safety of all CIM students. As a result, we have some updates and requests of you:  

Confirmed cases  
At this time, there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state of Ohio, in Cleveland or on campus.  

There are confirmed cases in the United States, however, and experts believe the virus will continue to spread throughout the country, despite the best efforts to contain it.  

CIM is tracking international travel alerts and advisories closely, especially with spring break starting at the end of the week. We anticipate that some students will need to adjust travel plans in light of the current situation, and recommend extreme caution when considering international travel (this could include visits home, competitions, auditions, etc.). Please pay close attention to the current travel restrictions and advisories , as they are updated regularly.

Keep in mind that, as the global situation evolves, travelers may be stranded outside of the US as a result of flight changes, entry rules and/or quarantine requirements, with little or no notice. It is your responsibility to understand the inherent risks of travel.  

All students are strongly encouraged to voluntarily report travel plans (both inside the US and internationally) using this form . Knowing your plans will help CIM assist you in determining the safety of your travel.  

Per the protocol CWRU announced on February 1, all members of the campus community who are returning from a country under Level 3 warning status are required to submit this form at least three business days prior to returning to campus. A University Health Services staff member will follow up with information safety measures to follow upon your return. 

CIM is reviewing all university-related international travel on a case by case basis.  

Next Steps  
We are working on contingency planning for CIM international students who may be affected if travel limitations continue into the summer. Similarly, students who have plans for summer festivals, particularly those overseas, should also make special efforts to stay informed about changing travel restrictions and recommendations.  

Please remember to use the hand sanitizer and hard surface wipes stationed throughout the building, and wash your hands frequently for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap. These simple steps can help you stay healthy throughout cold and flu season. 

CWRU Health Services has an excellent set of resources, including answers to common questions and copies of all communications they’ve sent to the campus community, available on their website . It is updated regularly and I urge you to review it, paying special attention to their February 26 email

Finally, please keep in mind that all in our community are here to support one another. Some of our CIM family may have close relationships and family members who are more directly affected by this health crisis. Please lend support to those who may need it. If you could use someone to speak with to get support, please feel free to come to my office or utilize the University Health and Counseling Services. The counseling service has daily walk-in appointments available each weekday as well as 24/7 call in hours for support. Counseling is located on the second level of the Sears building on the CWRU quad, or may be reached by calling 216.368.5872.  
David Gilson
Associate Dean for Student Affairs