June 2016

I'm writing this monthly minute from Mexico where I've just attended a conference to help me be a better advisor.

Its always a special experience to have a conference 
so far away in a completely different environment, lots of learning and a little sun as well.  
However, the biggest idea I will return with is how I can continue to be a better advisor for you.  For most people, they think being an advisor is about which investment choices, and what returns we are able to get you.  These are things that are easy to discuss, measure and quantify. And rest assured, many hours of study go into reviewing the changing environment every year, so I can determine what is best to work with, and what provides what people need. 
However, as a financial planner, the areas that have the most impact are the small steps we make in helping you to determine your bigger life priorities, and implementing and executing the plan and keeping you on track to meet those priorities.  It's also the reason that so many investors underperform the markets. They have bad investor "behaviour".  So, at the end of the day, here are the 3 key items that I must continue to do to help you.  The investing, the product, the planning are all just ways that we help to achieve these goals.
1) Help to clarify your goals.
2) Remind you what is important and what those goals are when we hit bumps in the road.
(There are always bumps!) 
3) Be the STOP SIGN between you and that BIG MISTAKE!
I look forward to continuing to do that, and working with you, your family and friends for many years to come.

Quick Reminder:  Travelling Soon Anyone?  If you need Travel Insurance, we now offer a quick and easy solution. Just go to this link on our website and sign up right away.  Travel Insurance . Any questions, please give us a call to help.

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Portfolio Construction. 
Adapting to change is part of our life.
This month, Alfred Lam, Senior VP and Portfolio Manager at CI Investments Inc.  reviews spikes in oil prices, interest rates and how portfolio managers follow these changes in market dynamics so that they can adapt portfolio mixes accordingly .
Click Here
Big Picture
North American bear vs bull.  
With inherent volatility in the markets, how well has Canada and the US performed? Even though all of the world's financial markets are connected, they do not always move the same way at the same time. A diverse portfolio continues to be advantageous in volatile markets.

How has the last six months fared in relation to market index performance, earnings season and currency markets?

" Mastering Money"- Everything You Need to Know For Your Financial Future.

Special Night for 19 to 26 year old

Helping your young adult make the best financial choices is a job we take seriously.  So, we've created a special event just for that.  We discuss money, taxes, credit cards, planning for the future, and the core ideas of investing.  But most important we answer the key questions, and discuss the biggest fears.  By sharing in an environment of their peers, this session allows your young adult to be able to discuss anything without judgment.

Our goal here is to ensure our contacts and their families and friends are getting necessary information vital to financial success.

When: Monday June 13 at 6:30pm  
Where: 9130 Leslie Street, Ste. 302, Richmond Hill L4B 0B9 .

If interested, please let us know

Remember it is never too early to start planning

If you are interested in joining the committee please contact us at
Please save the date and invite all of your friends, mothers and daughters to attend.  We look forward to seeing you at this sell out event. 

Any businesses interested in sponsorship should get in touch with my office now to ensure we can reserve your spot. 
Am I fully protected from the unexpected?

Insurance.  Changes are happening and it's important to determine if that may affect you.  Here are a few items that must be considered.

Corporate Owned insurance:  If you own a company, you may wish to ensure your insurance policy is corporately-owned  before year-end. Have questions? Give us a call.

Insurance is about protecting yourself and your family, or your business, from a loss.

www.insureright.ca provides a quick calculator to help identify your biggest risks.  It can look at life, disability and critical illness insurance protection and provide helpful tips.
For a second opinion to review your current policies or if you would like to get a better understanding of which insurance best matches your needs, we are here to help. Give us a call.  


For anybody that needs to access capital, or just to learn more about credit and mortgage markets today, call us and we would be happy to put you in touch with a mortgage specialist in our professional network.

In fact, Heather Keeling's www.mortgagebarracuda.ca  has a great newsletter with helpful articles. I recommend you sign up to learn the most about your credit and how to manage it.


Thursday June 9th:  
Your Money, Your Future,
Managing Your Road to Success Without the Potholes
Entrepreneurs who want an edge on financial awareness can't miss this presentation. 

Listen to the podcast to get a snippet of what to expect.

Visit IABC/Toronto to register 
Sun. June 12th:  Walk, Talk & Roll:
 in support of the Aphasia Institute .

  This walk will raise funds for The Aphasia Institute, which provides incredible research and support for families and victims of Aphasia.  Aphasia is often a result of a stroke and affects one's ability to speak.  The Aphasia Institute provided tremendous support to my family when my father suffered from a stroke 6 years ago.  They are recognized worldwide for their ability to help bring life back to stroke victims, and I want to express my thanks to the wonderful team at The Aphasia Institute.  If you know somebody who suffered from a Stroke, please consider supporting this wonderful cause. For more information,
click here.

I'm riding in the Big Bike on Jun 16th.  I'm working hard to raise $1,300 towards Heart & Stroke in honour of my father who suffered from a stroke 6 years ago.   Come out and cheer us on, or even better, please donate to help ensure your loved ones have the support in the future.
Thank you to all that have contributed to the charitable cause!   
Sponsor Heart & Stroke Big Bike  

REFERRALS: Thank you for your referrals. We really appreciate you passing along our name.  If you know somebody who needs a 2nd opinion on their portfolio, or who really needs to focus on planning for the future and setting some objectives, I can help.  Ensuring you have the retirement income you need and paying the least amount of tax along the way is how I enable you to meet your personal financial objectives.  

Quote of the month:
"You're never too old to reinvent yourself."
Sir Martin Sorrell 
Have a great summer!
Janine Purves, CFP, CPCA, CCS 
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