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The lost opportunity of plant-based corporate wellness to save $$ Billions

    J. Morris Hicks
Consider a corporation with 100,000 employees--with a likely healthcare bill approaching one billion dollars. If the CEO of such a company LED a corporate-wide program to teach their employees how to promote health by eating a lot more whole plants, savings for the employer could easily be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

So far, a lost opportunity. When I first learned about the power of WFPB eating to promote health in 2003, I immediately thought of leveraging my consulting background by engaging client CEOs who were willing to LEAD such a program, the $$ savings are just the beginning. 

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Sadly, after thirteen years of searching, I have not found a single CEO willing to provide the essential leadership highlighted in GREEN above. Maybe you can help me find that rare executive.

Check out my one-pager here and send it to a CEO who might like to increase profitability by helping thousands of his/her employees become healthier. Maybe he/she will become my first corporate wellness client. 

The Bottom Line.  The name of the game is profitability improvement when it comes to business. By investing in the health of the workforce and their families, the pioneering organizations will reap extraordinary rewards. Eventually, those companies who don't promote health (with food-based wellness initiatives) will no longer be able to compete with those who do. 

For a detailed version of my own vision for what corporate wellness could be, I refer you to this blog that I posted in 2012:

Final word on leadership. The degree of success for this type of project is directly proportional to the strength of leadership from the top executive in the organization--- the CEO, the president, the mayor or the governor. If it's not important to the CEO, this program will not work very well. 

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