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Kendra & Derrick Perrin
Big Box Pro Wedding Video


The Berry Wedding Event
Elegant - Extravagant - Like none other 


In April we shot the Michelle & Kevin Berry wedding.  This event brought in concepts and ideas that we had not seen in Corpus Christi yet.  Every detail was executed perfectly and it shows.  Razzle Dazzle was hired to make sure the clients' dreams were achieved.


Event Info


April, 9, 2011
St Luke's Methodist Church
Omni - Bayfront Corpus Christi

Michelle & Kevin Berry - Same Day Wedding Edit 

Michelle & Kevin Berry - Same Day Wedding Edit

Click to watch their wedding highlight video. The two said, "I Do" at St. Luke's Methodist Church.  From the flowers to the custom monogrammed isle runner, the attention to detail was exquisite.  We were able to produce this video and present it at the end of the couple's reception that followed the wedding.

To see the video click on the image or visit:
Berry Wedding Highlight Video

Berry Reception Highlight Video 

Berry Reception Highlight Video

Once the wedding was concluded, the couple was on their way to the Omni Bayfront, Corpus Christi.  The Bayfront Room was decorated in such a way that we did not recognize it when we walked in.

To see the video click on the image or visit:
Berry Reception Highlight Video
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