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Dear All;

I just sent this email out but please excuse the typo...the sentence that ended with the words "for a charge" should have read "FREE of charge"!  Big difference!  There is no charge whatsoever to take advantage of the below offer.  It is being offered as a service from our non profit.

1) Offer of Free Platform to Stop small cell/5G, auto dials your representatives and lets YOU keep email addresses and contact info of callers and petition signers so you can keep in touch with them for your actions free of charge!  THIS PLATFORM ALSO NOW WORKS INTERNATIONALLY!
2) Amicus Briefs filed, you can use these to assist in your Stop small cell/5G efforts!

3) Gmail refuses to allow this news letter to be sent.  Please copy and paste contact@thepeoplesinitiative.org  into your address book/contacts list as this will be our sending address from here on and please get off gmail if possible, they are not playing fair.

Dear All,

I am SO EXCITED about this new news that our "click to call and petition action" excellent for local, state and federal actions in the US is now being offered internationally and WE are offering it to YOU for FREE!  Please read on...

Lately, I have been receiving a LOT of phone calls and emails from people who are trying to stop small cells/5G in their area.  It is clear the intent was to get the infrastructure rolled out while we were all on lock down.  
Because of the amount  of people reaching out for help and to further assist in this mighty effort to stop small cell/5G, we have decided to offer our very expensive ($4,500 a year) "click to call" action to stop small cell/5G roll out to the community for free!  And other good news is the platform is has now opened up for international use!

Whether you are fighting a local effort to stop small cell/5G and are in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, etc., you are now able to utilize this state of the art platform to contact your reps to help you block 5G and small cells.  The petition can and should be tailored to your community's needs and special circumstances.  I will help you craft your petition language if you like. Here is a sample I recently helped create for a local group in near where I live in LA (which will not actually work if you don't live in their area) and here is the one we used nationally, which we do not recommend as people don't usually hang in there for all the phone calls, it's just the first calls that they do, so local use is best and then they just scroll down and click SUBMIT for the petition.  
It's a fabulous system, hitting them with a one, two punch, first the phone calls, automatically dialed, then the petition emailed to your reps!  And from my conversations with legislators offices, it's the PHONE CALLS that seem to have the most impact on them, I guess since emails are so easy to ignore.  Of course the signatures on the petitions also have great impact!!  Both are necessary, but the phone calls seem to weigh on them a little more because their staff has to actually deal with you as opposed to possibly ignore your email. 
Another reason why it is better to go with a private company you pay for (except you will be utilizing the platform free of charge since we are already paying for it), is when you go with an online platform like Change.org or Avaaz, you don't get to keep ANY of the valuable signatores contact info and therefor cannot keep in touch with them should you have to pursue any other actions on this issue.  And worst of all, they can actually DE-PLATFORM you and CANCEL YOUR PETITION WITHOUT NOTICE, which is exactly what happened to us this year when after I created a petition to the WHO/IARC to move RF radiation Class 2b Possible Human Carcinogen to Class 1 Definite Human Carcinogen on Avaaz's petition platform.  The moment we secured a group in Switzerland to deliver the nearly 20,000 signatures to IARC in Geneva and were about to deliver the petition, I received this NOTICE OF PETITION CANCELLATION and DE-PLATFORMING from AVAAZ... 
That statement from Avaaz that it contained "false and misleading information" is in itself completely false and misleading!  The information the petition contained was DIRECTLY from IARC/WHO scientist, Dr. Lennart Hardell and his study showing Class 1 Carcinogen from RF radiation!  These 3rd party free platforms can de-platform you without notice and with false explanation, don't even give you the info on who signed and in my opinion, should no longer be trusted with your hard work to stop wireless radiation, small cells/5G.  Our PAID platform gives you ALL your signatores contact info and we will NEVER de-platform you!  
If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer to help stop small cells/5G roll outs in your area, please send me an email at  contact@thepeoplesinitiative.org  or call 310-455-7530 and leave me your phone # if I'm not there (does not accept texts).
2) Amicus Curiae Briefs Filed in Support of Our FCC Lawsuit
You can use the below excellent amicus curiae briefs filed in support of our FCC lawsuit to assist in any legal or legislative endeavors you may be embarking upon... 
NRDC Amicus Curiae Brief  
Building Biology Institute Amicus Curia Brief 
Joe Sandri Amicus Curiae Brief
3) Gmail blocks news letter
Gmail is refusing to allow us to send this news letter through their email so we have had to change the email address it is coming from to contact@thepeoplesinitiative.org.  Apparently they may have a new policy whereby if your news letter conflicts with their business model, they may just block you from sending which is exactly what we believe was the case last week and we had to start sending from a different email address.  Please copy and paste the email address this news letter came from into your contact list/address book to ensure delivery and please stop using gmail if you can - they are not playing fair in our opinion.  

To our collective great success in this battle for our rights to health, life, happiness, property and longevity,