March 30,

No. 43

AMS Weekly Newsletter
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Thanks to 高达飞 who caught the confusion in the 俗语. Corrected in this version...but not without feeling even more 糊涂. Perhaps you can help us figure this out? 

Podcast...coming soon!
We know the promised podcast has been a bit slow to get off the ground, but isn't it always the case that such things take longer than we first think they will? Have faith though...we really are getting close!

Weekly Readings

President Xi Jinping once again graces the weekly readings. National Book Award winner Evan Osnos has written a fascinating profile of Xi Jinping as a Chinese leader and politician that goes beyond the usual tropes about his past and political presence. Meanwhile, down in Hainan, Xi delivered a speech about China's foreign policy, adding an authoritative voice to Wang Yang's about the constructive nature of Chinese foreign policy. It also is worth not ing that long-time China Watcher Willy Wo-Lap Lam has completed another book on Chinese politics, analyzing elite politics and China's fortunes under Xi Jinping.
Weibo Watch

The crash of Germanwings flight A320 is big news on Weibo today. CCTV created a topic page  where users have left candle emoji and well-wishes. They have also expressed their fear of flying. "Ever since the Malaysia Airlines accident, I've been scared every time I get on a plane," says @文又冬就是王小嘟, most likely referring to the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing that went missing last March. "From now on, even if it's free I won't take a plane," writes @侯广广. Follow the discussion at
俗语 in Xi Jinping's  Speeches

dà hé yǒu shuǐ xiǎo hé mǎn xiǎo yǒu shuǐ  hé mǎn

In his speech at Bo'ao, Xi jinping compared Southeast Asian, African, European, and Chinese aphorisms regarding the importance of working together for collective prosperity. The Chinese phrase he used means "when the river has water the small streams are full; when the streams have water the river is full." In our original post we read through the Chinese too quickly and assumed it said大河有水小河满, 大河无水小河干.   But  upon  further reflection...wouldn't a more logical aphorism be 小河有水大河满,小河无水大河干? 

Original: 东南亚朋友讲"水涨荷花高",非洲朋友讲"独行快,众行远",欧洲朋友讲"一棵树挡不住寒风",中国人讲"大河有水小河满,小河有水大河满"。这些说的都是一个道理,只有合作共赢才能办大事、办好事、办长久之事。要摒弃零和游戏、你输我赢的旧思维,树立双赢、共赢的新理念,在追求自身利益时兼顾他方利益,在寻求自身发展时促进共同发展。

Documentary of the Week

To round out coverage of Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's recently-departed founder, we provide a Chinese documentary on Lee, his governance, and the development path of Singapore. No other world leader has met as many Chinese counterparts ranging from the leadership (every Chinese leader from Mao Zedong to Xi Jinping) to rising provincial officials as Singapore's Lee. And in many ways and with optimistic appraisal of Beijing's intentions, this is the path and th e international reception that China's leaders today would like to achieve.

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