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A Time for Joy!
May we take joy in the things
we can share ...
Let's share moments of JOY
as we celebrate
a YAG member's Birthday!
Marjory Kuhfahl
turned 99 years of age on June 4th!

Marjory will be a centenarian next June 2021!

T he other day, Marjory sent me an email indicating that she would like to sign up to be part of the new YAG "On-line" artwork sale. . . our new YAG feature being developed. Good for you Marjory! We whole heartedly welcome you to join us! ~ Joan Johnson

Marjory joined YAG in 1996. . .

A faithful member
for more than 24 years . . .
Let's go back in time. . .
B orn in Sydney, Australia, Marjory was raised in an artistic environment. Her father, Percy Alexander Leason was a well known artist who advanced the ideas of tonal painting. She began her studies with her farther and her mother Isabel, and also studied art, fine art and fashion design at Parahan Technical School of Art & Design in Melbourne. Her family later immigrated to the United States, where she worked for Whitman Publishing Company in Manhattan, New York
Marjory raised her family of five children on Staten Island, where she continued to paint and exhibit her artwork. After living for a while in Texas, she then retired to Cape Cod in 1996.
Marjory's personal interpretation of tonal style involves a varied and superb control of the brush. She is passionate about floral subjects from her own garden that offer vibrant color schemes and specific interposition of light and dark. She is also known for capturing the essence of Cape Cod in her paintings of local landscapes.
Her award winning artwork has been exhibited locally at the Cape Cod Art Center, the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, the YAG Paintbox Art Gallery and many other venues, including outdoor art shows.
She also received awards from the Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, and exhibited at the National Academy, the National Arts Club in NY City and in the Staten Island Institute of Arts and Science.

Her daughter Sandra, also an accomplished artist, has been a YAG member since 2000. In preparation of this article, Sandra shared many special stories and facts. One sharing was that when Marjory was raising five energetic children, the thing that probably saved her was that she escaped each evening after cooking and serving dinner . . .Marjory would anxiously go down to their basement and then pick up a brush and paint for many hours. Sandra thinks it kept her young and healthy!

For your viewing pleasure, we are displaying
several lovely paintings below which were done during
various times in Marjory's long and successful career.
The flowers in these paintings (top middle
& left) were actually taken from Marjory's lovely outdoor garden.
Marjory painted
this as a child
with her Dad.

The painting (left)
is a photo of a scene of Dennis Beach on a lovely sunny afternoon.
The above photo was taken by Marjory's daughter Sandra.
On the Left: This is one of the last paintings Marjory did for which she received a commission in 2018. Bottom: Cows in the pasture, probably a scene in Vermont.
Above is a painting done by her Dad, Percy Alexander Leason.
This is from the Percy Alexander Leason collection. It is a scene of artists enjoying plein air painting together.

He was an illustrator, painter and a political cartoonist.

Her Dad was born Feb. 23, 1889 and died in 1959.
For more information:
Australian Dictionary of Biography.
Speaking about MORE JOY . . .

JOY IS WHEN the test results come back and you are blessed with good news!

Several of our YAG members have been experiencing difficult times waiting for news relative to serious illnesses. We pray for patience filled with hope, that love and peace will pave the way.

So far, I have received good results from several members.
May Good Health News Continue...
Sharon Merton has been a member of the Yarmouth Art Guild since 2014 and served on the Board of Directors as our Membership Secretary.
Sharon has been successfully battling cancer and is bravely facing another biopsy soon. She had a fall recently . . . and bravely states that she just rose up again, back on her feet . . . she says " 'ya gotta keep fighting!" She loves to paint, as we all do.
This paintng of Sharon's is
called " Happy Daffodils".

Sharon reports that it is an
acrylic painting, 16 x 20".

"I did a few virtual classes with Cynthia Packard.

I wasn't painting and I thought doing something different would give me
an incentive to get
back to painting."
The painting above
was on Facebook.

It is called Harbor Way, because it was the name of the road in Harwich. Sharon showed ihis painting at the Cultural Center. " We were going for our usual Sunday drive and found this little building. It was used for commercial fishermen to sell their fish. They recently did it over and are growing clams". .
Above photo was taken at
Corporation Beach.

"And here is a bit of background about me. I was born in Plymouth, the middle child of six (two sisters and three brothers). I lived in upstate NY as a child, and struck out on my own at 18, hitch-hiking to California and then ending up in Denver. I became a single mother when my son was 6 and my daughter was a year old. It was a difficult time because the economy was bad, but thanks to trade school I was able to find work as an offset lithographer and enroll in Metro State College (now University) in Denver, where I received my art degree in 1985.I moved back east to the Cape in 1988 to be close to my parents and siblings, all of whom have always been enormously supportive. ~ [see more below . . .
More Joyful News from
Lee Nemmers
A survivor from years ago . . .

Lee had rectal cancer in 2004, and that was treated with successful reconstructive surgery. 
Lee is a brave warrior once again fighting the Big C.

  "I had my first meeting with the radiology team yesterday, and I’ll start radiation treatment in ten days.

I decided to forego chemotherapy because if would only offer me a 2% reduction in the risk of cancer recurrence down the road.

Didn’t need all those nasty side effects for such a small potential benefit!" ~ 7/14/20
Most recent work “COVID Mapping”
“Intuitive Seascapes"
Colorfully Designed Chairs
made exclusively
for her family!
[ I want one! ]
Lee's story continued . . .

"I went to work as a job coach at Nauset (now CapeAbilities), and was able to get a Farmer’s Home Loan in 1992 to buy a house in South Yarmouth. That same year I met my husband, Tom, who had also started working at Nauset. We married in May, 1993. In 1997, Tom began working at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and I began working in elder care. I retired at age 62, and Tom retired in 2016. We now have two grandsons, both living in MA with their parents. Tom and I are both very grateful for each other and to have a safe, simple nest of a home in such a beautiful setting. 

Wishing you all good health and safety as well!" ~ Lee
Thank you Lee for sharing your inspiring story!

There will be a PART 2 of this story in the
next Constant Contact.

Be sure to check your future YAG mail.


More news and details of our new feature:
The YAG "On-Line" Artwork Sales opportunities
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If you have not reserved a space, contact me asap.

I still need some assistance in this unique endeavor!
I have one volunteer as of today . . . but can use another!
Please call me just to chat about it . . .
that would be so helpful and encojurging.

Be Safe! Share your gifts! Paint and be patient!
My very best to you!
President of YAG

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