Correction! Good Friday is April 19 NOT April 10! Below is the complete schedule for Holy Week. Looking forward to seeing you tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday!

In Christ,

Pastor Nick

Please Join Us For Holy Week and Easter!
April 18 | Maundy Thursday
Worship | 7pm

April 19 | Good Friday
Worship | 7pm

April 21 | Easter Sunday
8:30am | Easter Breakfast
9:00am | Easter Egg Hunt
10:00am | Easter Worship


Behold the Man:
Holy Week & Easter

“Dust you are and to dust you shall return”

This was the refrain we heard as we began our lenten journey with ashes. Those ashes smeared across our forehead represent our sin and brokenness. Our human frailty and mortality that comes with inheriting a sinful nature from our First Parents, Adam and Eve.

But as we enter into Holy Week, we remember that the ashes on our foreheads told us where this journey was headed. As we enter into Holy Week that cross on our forehead comes into clearer focus. We see it now, standing solemnly on Calvary, just beyond the upper room where we first celebrate the Passover with Jesus and his disciples. We see it even as we hear Jesus’ new commandment, to love one another as He has loved us.

The cross grows larger and larger as Jesus’ disciples abandon him. As He is arrested and tried. As He is beaten and mocked. Then on Friday we stand beneath it. Larger than life, we cower in fear. For this is our cross. Or, rather, it should be our cross. But the cross we see on Good Friday isn’t our own. Indeed, Jesus has taken up the cross in our stead! He has placed Himself between us and the punishment we deserve. Jesus is smitten, stricken, and afflicted though we are the ones who have transgressed God’s Law. This is why we call this Friday, ‘Good’. For it is here that Jesus, of His own accord, lays down His life for us.

Thus we know that there is only temporary truth in those Ash Wednesday words, “...and to dust you shall return”. For what comes next, Easter Morning, assures us that the last enemy to be defeated, death, will come tumbling down one day. Because He is risen, we know that when our Lord Jesus returns, we shall be like He was on that first Easter. Alive. Never to taste the bitterness of death again.

May God bless you this Holy Week, as we focus our eyes upon the Man Jesus who took on human flesh so that He might secure for us eternal life, forgiveness, and salvation. Amen.

Pastor Nick
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