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Hello All,

My apologies about the important utility smart meter rejection link not working in yesterday's news letter. 

Below is an excellent overview of the situation with links from HaltMASmartMeters.org and a few quotes from the utility and a functioning link!...

MA Mind Blower, NStar, Massachusetts Largest Electricity Provider REJECTS Smart Meters!
  • "there is no cost justification that can support the implementation of AMI." ['smart' meters/infrastructure]
  • (smart) "Meters do not reduce the number of outages" 
  • (smart) "metering systems are not necessary to integrate distributed resources" (wind & solar)
  • "AMI ('smart' meters/infrastructure)introduces a brand new portal into the [NStar/WMECo]' information systems, significantly increasing the cyber-security risk. 
  • "mandated implementation of AMI ['smart' meters/infrastructure] is not a prerogative within the [DPU]'s discretion"

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