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November-December 2018
The Montgomery Economic Development Corporation, or the MEDC, works with the community, business owners & leaders of the community to promote a positive foundation for the Village of Montgomery.
Our members, executive partners and village leaders are committed to create an economically sound pro-business environment.
If you have any news or would like to share your business with the community, please be sure to call or email the MEDC office so we can get your story in front of our readers & supporters.Be sure to get the most out of our newsletter and click underlined items to get links or additional information.
Montgomery PD Halloween Annual Safety Event
The 2018 Show case Montgomery Tour
2018 Show Case Montgomery Tour
2018 Show Case Montgomery Tour

A variety of

properties were visited included a variety of land sites and drive bys.
2018 Show Case Montgomery Tour
Some of the current properties visited and available include:
2018 Show Case Montgomery Tour
Each year the MEDC joins forces with the Community Development office and conducts a showcase of Montgomery tour. The event starts at Village Hall with a continental breakfast and a brief outline of the morning's event. Brokers are encouraged to highlight their property listings and everyone is provided with a map and contact information.
2018 Show Case Montgomery Tour
Spare wheels transportation has been handling our bus tours for many years. They provide a variety of bus sizes and packages.
DuKane Properties, LLC had several warehouse and office buildings recently updated to show the group.
2018 Show Case Montgomery Tour
2018 Show Case Montgomery Tour
After the tour, guests were invited to have lunch at Poor Boy's Pub. It was a great opportunity for people to network and talk to the prospects.
Be sure to submit any vacancies you may have to our office. If you are looking for property in Montgomery, be sure to visit our website or call our office for the most updated information.
Retail event in Chicago
Each year, ICSC provides a series of events in which the MEDC and community development office can meet with prospective retailers.
A great day to be in Chicago!
The MEDC Board is a volunteer based Board that provides input and direction to the MEDC. We have a committed group of board members that represent a variety of business that have been a part of the organization since the MEDC was founded in 2003. The MEDC along with the business community leaders have helped create an environment that provides resources and opportunities for businesses to grow and flourish in our community. If you have an interest in joining the MEDC or want to be a part of this great organization, please feel free to reach out to a current board member or the Executive Director.
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MEDC Annual Holiday Party
Date: December 6, 2018
Time: 4pm to 7pm
Location: Poor Boy's Pub
283 Montgomery Road, Montgomery, IL

Thank you for your support
The MEDC would like to thank all of our members and leaders of the community for continuing to support our organization. Funding the organization
helps bring together all the pieces needed to provide a positive and growing economic base for Montgomery. Through new business relationships, expansions and communication the MEDC continues to address the ongoing needs of the development process and progress of the community. If you are interested in being a part of this great organization, or want to share something about your business or services, please be sure to give us a call or send us an email.

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