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Edition 21

19 July 2022

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World War II Vet Tells it Like It Is!

WWII Vet, 100 years old, expresses his dismay about the conditions in America today: “Our Country has gone to hell in a hand basket”! “America today is not what they died for!” (Originally posted on Gungho Veterans News)

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Boots on the Ground Perspectives

on Racism and Radicalism

A parent of a Class of 2026 Basic Cadet notified STARRS that COVID and other illnesses are running rampant through USAFA’s basic cadet squadrons; the scenario the mandatory vaccine requirement was designed to avoid. As a reminder, many doctors not only contend that the vaccines do not protect individuals from COVID infections, but they actually adversely affect the immune system so vaccinated people are more susceptible to all illnesses.

Official Marine Corps Tweet


Throughout June, the USMC takes #Pride in recognizing and honoring the contributions of our LGBTQ service members. We remain committed to fostering an environment free from discrimination, and defend the values of treating all equally, with dignity and respect.

#PrideMonth #USMC

Featured Articles

STARRS Holds Annual Meeting 

STARRS held its annual meeting with supporters on 28 June. Our new organizational structure was briefed along with accomplishments from the past year and our vision for the next 12 months. At the end, questions from supporters were discussed.

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Alarming Downturn in Military

Recruitment and Readiness

By Tracey Meck, Colonel, USAF (Ret), USAFA Class of 1987, STARRS VP Digital Media

Note: information presented here was obtained from articles linked below and personal knowledge based on previously serving as an Admissions Liaison Officer for nine years.

Disturbing trends are starting to emerge indicating that current DoD policies are setting the stage for a major decline in US military readiness. Statistics from the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) Class of 2026 are a prime example.

Between the Class of 25 and 26, there was a 27% decrease in the number of US citizens who opened applications (CL25: 11,599; CL26: 8,458) and a decrease of 63.8% in qualified candidates who completed the application process and met the criteria (CL25: 3,153 and CL26: 1,141). Of these, 1,428 CL25 and 1,141 CL26 candidates were offered appointments, a 20% reduction. Of those, 1,093 and 1,071 in-processed respectively. 

To be fair, some “qualified candidate” criteria were lessened for CL25 due to COVID procedures interfering with SAT and ACT testing and complications associated with on-line learning. Hence, it is prudent to compare this year’s data to pre-COVID classes. The most recent class where full information is available is CL22: applicants - 10,376; qualified candidates - 2,717; Accepted/Admitted - 1,161. Hence there was a decrease of 18.5% in applications and an 8% decrease in admitted US students (normally there are around 15 international students that add to these numbers). Looking further back, the “admitted” generally ranged between 1,150 and 1,370. 

Bottom line concern: for the Class of 2026, there were more slots available than there were qualified candidates (only 1,141 qualified candidates, all offered appointments)! To compare to previous years:

CL26: Qualified Candidates: 1141;  Offered: 1141;  Accepted:  1,071 

CL25: Qualified Candidates: 3,153; Offered: 1,428; Accepted:  1,093

CL24: Qualified Candidates: UNK; Offered: UNK;  Accepted:  1,130

CL22: Qualified Candidates: 2,717; Offered: 1,434; Accepted:  1,161 

CL21: Qualified Candidates: UNK; Offered: UNK;  Accepted:  1,200

CL20: Qualified Candidates: 2,475; Offered: 1,492; Accepted:  1,146 

CL19: Qualified Candidates: 2,528; Offered: 1,559; Accepted:  1,226

CL04: Qualified Candidates: UNK; Offered: UNK;  Accepted:  1,369


USAFA is not the only part of the military facing recruiting challenges. With only three months left in the fiscal/recruiting year, as of 30 June the Army had only reached 40% of the annual recruiting goal. The other services are struggling too.

Are these recruiting problems based on schools and society in general teaching that America has been irredeemably evil and racist since its inception; that minorities are victims by virtue of their DNA-based skin pigment; that whites are inherently (and irredeemably) racist oppressors? If so, who would want to put their life on the line to serve such a reprobate country?

Other potential contributing factors include COVID mandates and the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Several recent articles discuss the issue with broader and more detailed perspectives.

The Military’s Recruiting Crisis will Continue

Until Its Woke Messages Stop

In her July 7th article in The Federalist, STARRS Board of Advisor member and President of the Center for Military Readiness, Elaine Donnelly explains the problem and theorizes the root causes. She asserts patriotic families are alienated from serving due the incorporation of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and other woke ideologies infiltrating the military culture, anti-extremism training demonizing patriotic conservatives, and policies focused only on one side of the political spectrum. 

Read The Federalist Article

Thanks To Leftist Corruption, U.S. Military 

Recruiting Is In Total Freefall 

The military is facing its most severe staffing crisis since the 

advent of the all-volunteer force in 1973

Chuck Devore, Vice-President of National Initiatives at the Texas Public Policy Foundation and former California legislator, published an article similar to Elaine’s in The Federalist on 29 June. His article broadens the scope of discussion to include two other areas of concern. He points out: 

There are three growing signs of trouble: an alarming collapse in recruiting, a profoundly unserious national security leadership, and weakness in the military supply chain and procurement

To summarize why he believes military recruiting is floundering, he states: 

When you openly accuse the military of being rightwing and harboring white supremacists, insist on schooling them in transgender pronoun usage, and then force them to get vaccinated for a COVID-19 virus that’s less threatening than the flu for the young and healthy military demographic, you shouldn’t be shocked that they don’t want to enlist under a leadership they neither trust nor admire.

The article does an excellent job discussing numerous concerns and data you will find in only a handful of media sources.

Read The Federalist Article

CRT, Transgenderism & ‘Diversity, Equity & Inclusion’ Are Destroying Our Military

This excellent commentary by Toni Lentini from The Liberty Beacon is a home run in regards to pointing out the problem and potential disastrous impact for our national security. Here’s a few of his key points:

Recent polling by the University of Chicago found that two-thirds of Republican and Independent voters and 51 percent of self-described “very liberal” voters agree that the U.S. government is “corrupt and rigged against everyday people like me.” Our increasingly “woke” military is losing the hearts and minds of the American people.

The military’s brothers and sisters in arms fight for one another more than for any other reason. CRT is highly divisive, pitting the races against one another and undermining the teamwork required for success in battle.

Read The Liberty Beacon Article

Military Readiness Takes Back Seat to

Wokeness at the Pentagon

Read The Heritage Article

Army Drops High School Diploma Requirement,

Then Reverts After Backlash

Fortunately, after significant backlash, the Army decided to reinstate the enlistment requirement for a high school diploma just one week after announcing they had dropped it. 

Army Drops HS Diploma Requirement
Army Back Tracks

What about retention?

Although we don’t have hard data on people deciding to separate because of the military’s left-leaning political climate, we have heard from numerous service members who say they, and many they know, are leaving because they have had enough. Older service members have to weigh the costs and benefits of staying because they don’t want to lose their retirement benefits. Here’s a story former Air Force Lt Col and author Matt Lohmeier told us:

Brilliant, two years below-the-zone Lt Col and F-15 squadron commander just turned down school (Senior Development Education) following command so that he can prepare to pack his bags and get out—take his family to a better life. He IS vaccinated. He said three Strike Eagle squadron commanders have all made that same decision. They’re disgusted. 

What is well documented is the number of high quality people being forced out due to the vaccine mandate. Matt told us about a Lt Col A-10 pilot who is aware of five A-10 Instructor Pilots who are up against termination over the vaccine. Two more A-10 pilots have suffered vaccine injuries. How can this not be a readiness issue?

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs says he is not concerned about the losses; that they do not represent a large enough percentage of the force. We beg to differ, especially when you factor in the Guard and Reserve losses. Additionally, each loss is someone’s career and how they support themselves and their family, not to mention the obliteration of their dreams and passions.

Last month we highlighted Dana Lyon’s situation. Here are a few other stories:

USAFA Class of 2019 Distinguished Graduate and Pilot, 1Lt John Bowes is Facing Discharge For Not

Taking the Vaccine

Lt Bowes says there are over 700 pilots and over 120,000 total service members in the same situation.

Watch the Epoch TV Video

Top Gun Instructor Pilot on the

Chopping Block

Watch The Interview on YouTube

Air Force Master Sergeant Faces Separation

After 19 Years of Service

MSgt Nick Kupper is being separated after 19 years of service, without retirement benefits. He has a disabled child and was counting on retiree medical benefits to continue her care.

Watch The Fox News Interview

Breaking News!

Court Orders Two-Week Injunction Preventing

the Air and Space Force from Enforcing the

Vaccine Mandate

On 14 July, a US District Court in Ohio ordered a two-week injunction preventing the Air Force and Space Force from separating or punishing any active duty or reserve member who had submitted a COVID 19 vaccine religious accommodation request as of 21 Sep 2021 and who were confirmed by a chaplain to have sincerely held religious beliefs that prevent them from getting the vaccines. During this period, the government must submit a supplemental brief identifying why the Court should not grant a class-wide preliminary injunction. Plaintiffs may also submit a brief. 

Stand by for further developments.....

AF Times Article
Clark County Today Article

On The Brighter Side

New Cadets Still Looking for Challenge and Development!  

To lighten the mood and give us confidence that all is not lost, here’s an inspiring article about USAFA I-Day and the potential of our new basic cadets!

“You don’t want it easy!”

Watch The USAFA Video
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Flag Day, June 14: What does the Flag Mean?

The Founders gave the U. S. flag a very specific meaning.

What is it?

By Jane Hampton Cook, STARRS Board of Advisors, Author of 10 books including Stories of Faith and Courage from the Revolutionary War 

Read Jane's Article

When Generals Quibble

By Scott Sturman, MD, STARRS Board of Advisors, USAFA ‘72

Quibbling is the creation of a false impression in the mind of the listener by cleverly wording what is said, omitting relevant facts, or telling a partial truth when one does so with the intent to deceive or mislead. Is quibbling regarding COVID-19 related issues on the part of military and medical leaders eroding public and service member trust in these historically honorable professions? A December 2021 poll from Breaking Defense indicated 40% of Americans placed a great deal of trust in the U.S. military -- down from 70% two years previously. Obviously this has an impact on recruiting and retention. It is telling that 90 percent of the 250 cadets involved in a recent cheating scandal at USAFA graduated and were commissioned, but those denied vaccine exemptions are being separated.

Read The Brownstone Article

DEI's Unknown Unknowns

THE GLENN SHOW 🎙️ with John McWhorter

How do known disparities in expectations and standards for members of different groups affect each individual’s effort and performance? How do family and sub-group cultural foundations account for differences in group performance? Is affirmative action actually a disincentive for minorities to work hard to achieve their goals through merit? Read and watch a discussion about these questions and more.

Watch The Glenn Show

Our Educational Mission in Action

Episode 12 - The Intellectuals - Military Members

Fighting Vaccine Mandate

Intellectuals host Dr. Ron Scott speaks with military members John Bowes, Rob Green, and Dana Lyon about their fight against the DoD and COVID-19 vaccine mandates. They also discuss alarming trends that are undermining the professionalism of the military. Dana relates a chilling statement from a cadet: from what he has seen "the Honor Code is for cadets, not the permanent party." Dr Ron Scoot, STARRS Pres states: "Deception, disloyalty and injustice threaten the readiness of our armed forces." Lt Bowes explains there is a manning crisis. Since the mandates came down in August, we have lost 59,000 service members. Just in April, we lost 10,000. Only a few thousand of these have been involuntary separated due to vaccine mandates so far; over 120,000 cases are still pending. Other concerns and cases of injustice are also discussed.

Watch Episode 12

Evidence of Indoctrination and Radicalism in the Military

West Point Cadets Being Taught Critical Race Theory

Read The American Greatness Article
Watch: West Point Cadets Taught Critical Race Theory, Including Addressing 'Whiteness,' Docs Show
Read: Judicial Watch: Records Show Critical Race Theory Propaganda at West Point

Air Force Leaders Discourage Use of Gender Specific Pronouns in Award Citations

Read The Fox News Report

Official Navy Training Video - Pronouns and Safe Spaces

Watch The Washington Examiner Video That Went Viral

Army Training Slide Says Soldiers Must Shower with Transgender Persons of Opposite Sex

Read The Breitbart Article

Fairchild AFB, WA Celebrates Pride Month

With BX Display

The Base Exchange is a place that military families frequent. Banners hung from the ceiling in the entryway and hallways list dates of important events in LGBTQ+ military history.

CRT, Wokism & Radicalism

in the Community

Sign Telling Identity-Confused Kids

'I'm Your Mom Now' Sparks Controversy

Read The Newsweek Article
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