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Investing in the Future, Preserving the Past
Historic Preservation & Downtown Conference
June 10, 2016
Waterbury, Vermont
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Brought to you by the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development, the Town of Waterbury and the Preservation Trust of Vermont.

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Morning Offerings 8:15 - 12:00 pm


St. Leo's Hall, 109 Main St. 8:15- 9:15 am
Coffee, muffins, and networking

Morning Program

St. Andrew's Church, 109 Main St. 9:15 - 12:00 pm

Preservation 50 Retrospective 
Thoughts on fifty years of progress since the 1966 National Historic Preservation Act. Laura Trieschmann, Vermont State Historic Preservation Officer.

Beyond the Façade: The Impact and Opportunities of Historic Preservation
The common misperception that preservation is concerned only with the past overlooks the impact of our work. Preservation has shaped our communities and values over the past 50 years not by focusing on the past, but by looking forward and acting as an agent of change. Hear how preservation not only stewards historic places, but also spurs economic reinvestment, enhances quality of life, and helps promote sustainable environments. And discover opportunities to further our impact in the next 50 years. Rhonda Sincavage, Director of Programs and Publications, National Trust of Historic Preservation
Preservation Trust Awards Presentation
Honoring the Best of Preservation Projects and People in Vermont since 2014. Paul Bruhn, Executive Director, Preservation Trust of Vermont.

Afternoon Offerings 1:00 - 4:30 pm

Next Stage Theater Putney
What is inside this building? Hint: The Next Stage Theater in Putney took advantage of the Village Center Tax Credit Program. Come to the conference and learn more!
Funding and Incentives

Vermont's Downtown and Village Center Tax Credit Program: An Economic Development and Community Revitalization Tool
Vermont's rehabilitation tax credit program supports building and code improvements in state-designated Downtowns and Village Centers. The program also has a proven track record of results - encouraging investment, expanding businesses and creating jobs. In this session you will learn more about the basics of the program including eligibility requirements, how to apply, and how to put together a winning application. This session will highlight two successful projects undertaken by a small local business in Waterbury and a non-profit organization in Putney, and will explain the process of working with banks to sell tax credits and finance projects.  

Presenters:  Caitlin Corkins, Vermont Division for Historic Preservation;  Lyssa Papazian, Historic Preservation Consultant and Sarah Cowan, National Bank of Middlebury; Mark Frier, the Reservoir Restaurant and Tap Room.
Navigating Federal and State Funding
What funding sources are the right fit for your project?  This session will provide an overview of federal and state sources and will help you navigate the world of public grant and loan funding.  

Presenters:  Josh Hanford, VCDP; Karen Freeman, VHCB; Willa Davidian Home Program, VHCB
Crowdsourcing for Community Revitalization
Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are innovative ways to tap into a crowd rich with talent, ideas and capital.  Learn how online and web-based  tools use mass collaboration to accomplish goals, increase efficiencies, raise money and engage community. 

Presenters: Amy Bell, VTrans; Ericka Wygonick, Resource Systems Group; Carolyn Shapiro, Barre Labor Halll; Rick Winston, Adamant Community Center; Warren Dow, Barcode Publicity.
Certified Local Government Grants for Coordinators and Commission Members
Learn the ins and outs of the Certified Local Government (CLG) program, how to apply for and manage CLG grants, and how to maintain an engaged local preservation commission. Copies of the revised and updated CLG Program and Grant Manual will be distributed and discussed. This is an invitation only event for local coordinators and commission members in existing CLG communities. Attendance is mandatory for any CLG community planning to apply for a 2017 CLG grant.

Presenter: Devin Colman, CLG Coordinator/State Architectural Historian. This session is by invitation only.  If you have any questions, please contact Devin Colman at 828-3043.

A building printed by a 3-D printer. It_s blue_
What is this? It's a 3-D printed version of a historic Vermont building. Come to the conference and see more examples of new technology and preservation working together!
Technology and Innovation

New Perspectives on Preservation
Learn about technologies that are being used to evaluate, document and map historic buildings and sites in Vermont.  This session will provide an overview of various tools being used in historic preservation and archeological exploration.  Presenters will demonstrate and discuss the applications of LIDAR technology, drone imaging, and 3D printing.

Presenters:  Frank Spaulding, Forest Parks and Recreation; Brennan Gauthier, VTrans; Jarlath ONeil-Dunne UVM Spacial Analysis Lab; Scott Hamshaw, UVM PHD Candidate, Civil and Environmental Engineering.  Leslie Pelch, Vermont Center for Geographic Information. 
Harnessing the Power of Social Capital
This session explores how three Vermont communities came up with innovative ways to strengthen community networks, engage diverse populations and reinvigorate historic buildings.  Learn how to identify and utilize the human resources that you have within your community to develop and carryout your collective vision. 

Presenters: Rebecca Stone, Community Workshop, LLC;  Paul Costello, Vermont Council on Rural Development; Bill Shepluck and Steve Lotspeich, Town of Waterbury 
Fostering Entrepreneurs through Community Investment
Learn creative ways to fill vacant storefronts, support entrepreneurs and attract new investment.  This session will explore how Community Supported Enterprise, Equity Crowdfunding and Local incentives can support small business owners in your community.  

Presenters: Michael Coppinger, Rutland Downtown Partnership; Janice Shade and Louisa Schibli, Milk Money, VT; Paul Bruhn, Preservation Trust of Vermont. 

an installation in the exhibition at the former orphanage at Burlington College by artist Wylie Sophia Garcia.
What's this all about? It's an installation in the exhibition at the former orphanage at Burlington College by artist Wylie Sophia Garcia. Come to the conference to learn about the Overnight Projects and more!
Art and Architecture

Ready, Set, ACTIVATE!
Do you have an empty lot, abandoned building or public space that needs some attention in your community? Vermont artists and communities are finding engaging ways to transform underutilized spaces with innovative design, public art and placemaking activities.  Breathing new life into these spaces can aid in revitalizing the community, add value to the space, and build civic pride by reflecting local culture, heritage, and values.  In this session you'll hear about projects in Montpelier, Waterbury and Burlington and come away inspired to make this happen in your own community.  

Presenters:  Ward Joyce, Landscape Architect/Artist; Whitney Aldrich, Waterbury Arts; Sarah O Donnell of Overnight Projects; Michele Bailey, Vermont Arts Council.
Churches and their expanding role in the 21st Century
Churches are more than just sacred spaces in Vermont communities.  They are important to the Vermont identify, serve as community gathering places and provide much needed space for for the arts and human services.   Explore how creative partnership bring new energy into sacred places. 

Presenters: Joshua Castaño, Partners in Sacred Places; Peter Plagge, Waterbury Congregational Church; Rev. Paul Habersang, Christ Church Montpelier ; Rev. Marisa Laviola, First Congregational and Puffer United Methodist Morrisville; Karen Nevin, Revitalizing Waterbury.

Restore, Replace, Respect:  A Panel Discussion about Window Restoration and Energy Efficiency
Windows are important character-defining features of most historic buildings. The decision to repair or replace  windows should be made with respect for the whole building's historic integrity, a knowledge of what can and can't be done to make repairs, and with an awareness of what new windows- sash or entire units can and can't do.  Questions about energy efficiency, lead safety, and the value of historic building materials need to be asked and answered before making decisions.  This session will explore the energy efficiency of historic and new windows and will address the variables that must be considered when evaluating treatments for historic fenestration.  1 AIA HSW Learning Unit arranged through Historic Winsdor & Preservation Education Institute.

Speakers: Sally Fishburn, SA Fishburn; Jarod Galvin, Architect; and Ron Wanamaker; Wanamaker Restoration; Moderator:  James Duggan, Vermont Division for Historic Preservation.

Waterbury State Office Complex Tours
1:00 - 2:00 pm, 2:15 - 3:15 pm

An excerpt of Sarah-Lee Terrat_s stunning mural in the Waterbury State Office Complex.
Stories, history, nature and art. An excerpt of Sarah-Lee Terrat's stunning mural in the Waterbury State Office Complex. Come to the conference and see the entire work!
Reflections - Art and Story at the Waterbury State Complex
Join State Curator, David Schutz on a tour of public art at the Waterbury Complex.  Meet the artists and hear how each work of art reflects the history, people, place, and community of Waterbury and the State Office Complex.

Presenter: David Schutz, State Curator;   Sarah-Lee Terrat, Artist  (offered at 1:00pm and 2:15pm)

The renovated Waterbury State Office Complex
The old and the new. The challenges and rewards. Come to the conference and learn the details!
Back to the Future - Historic Preservation and New Design at the Waterbury State Complex
This walking tour will feature the history of the Vermont State Hospital beginning with its construction in 1891 to its conversion to State Offices beginning in 1977 through its post Irene total reconstruction in 2014-2016.   In particular, the tour will explore challenges of marrying the existing historic buildings with new architectural additions, dry flood proofing, seismic structural bracing, deep energy retrofits and new mechanical and electrical technologies. 

Presenters: John Ostrum, Vermont Department of Buildings and General Services;  Jean Carroon, Goody Clancy Architects; Andrea Brue, Goody Clancy Architects (offered at 1:00pm and 2:15pm)

Community Tours 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Janes House Waterbury
We have Tropical Storm Irene and some really great people to thank for building a stronger and more unified community. Come to the conference and learn how it happened!
Waterbury Revitalized
Join Waterbury State Representative, Theresa Wood for a tour of Waterbury's newly renovated municipal offices, library and history center.  Explore how the town came together to address the devastating impacts of Tropical Storm Irene and emerged a stronger and more unified community. 

Presenter: Representative Theresa Wood, Waterbury, Vermont 

Beers and Buildings
Join Adam Krakowski, author and historian, on a tour that highlights Waterbury as New England's best beer town. Learn how craft beer and historic preservation are linked - both practically through the renovation of historic buildings that become destinations for beer enthusiasts, but also through a shared mindset of valuing things that are handcrafted, unique, regional, and artisnal.  This tour includes a tasting of some of Vermont's finest brews at Craft Beer Cellar. 

Presenter: Adam Krakowski, Author of Vermont Beer: The History of a Brewing Revolution.

Reception and Raffle Drawing 4:30 - 5:30 pm
Prohibition Pig Brewery
Great Food! Libations! Fun! 2 Elm Street, Waterbury
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Arnold _ Scangas Architects
Arnold & Scangas Architects specializes in historic restoration and rehabilitation of underutilized (buildings that are in need of tender loving care) historic buildings. Bringing old buildings back to life, especially in Vermont's Downtowns and making them again a contributing member to the community is what we enjoy most. Our designs provide clients and the community with new opportunities for their existing buildings. We believe architecture is the art of listening to our clients and creating design solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

National Park Service, Certified Local Government Program  
This conference is financed in part with a Certified Local Government (CLG) grant from the National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior. The CLG program is jointly administered by the National Park Service and the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation.

Redstone Vermont Redstone is a full service commercial real estate firm based in Burlington, Vermont. Our development team is active throughout Vermont and specializes in adaptive re-use of historic buildings. Our property management division is staffed by a highly qualified team of professionals providing excellent service and results.

Stevens & Associates
Stevens _ Associates Stevens & Associates is a fully integrated firm offering architecture, structural and civil engineering, landscape architecture, and development services. We are passionate about projects that embrace the historic fabric of our New England downtowns through adaptive reuse of existing buildings, sensitive design of new buildings, and the creation of pedestrian-friendly downtowns.

VTrans The Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) is responsible for planning, development, implementation and maintenance of a variety of transportation infrastructure. This includes roads, bridges, state-owned railroads, airports, park and ride facilities, bicycle facilities, pedestrian paths, public transportation facilities and services, and Department of Motor Vehicles operations and motor carrier enforcement. 

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