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Sharon Glotzer is the next chair of Chemical Engineering

The Department of Chemical Engineering is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Sharon C. Glotzer as the Anthony C. Lembke Department Chair of the Chemical Engineering Department, effective July 1. She will be the fifteenth chair of the department. She is succeeding Mark Burns, who has served as chair since 2008.

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Please take a peek at our new recruiting video. It will go live on our webpage in July. Learn about how our Michigan Chemical Engineers are preparing to meet the needs of the 21st Century. You may even recognize a few professors in action!  
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Come to Michigan Homecoming Weekend 2017
Michigan Homecoming Weekend is October 26-28. The department will host a luncheon with alumni on Friday, October 27. If you would like to attend,  please contact Sandy Swisher at sandys@umich.edu or 734-764-7413, or you can sign up for this and other events through the College of Engineering. More information to follow!

The University is celebrating its Bicentennial this year and they will host special events during the Fall Festival  on North and Central Campus on October 26-27.   

News from around the department
Yang named Distinguished University Professor

Ralph Yang has been appointed the John B. Fenn Distinguished University Professor of Engineering. The distinguished professorship "recognizes senior faculty with exceptional scholarly or creative achievements." Yang has chosen to honor his mentor and PhD thesis advisor at Yale University, John Fenn, for this professorship.  
Meet Our New Faculty

The department welcomes two new assistant professors, Bryan Goldsmith (left) and Nirala Singh (right). Goldsmith will begin his appointment in September 2017 and Singh will begin his in January 2018. 

ChE Equipment Encyclopedia Updated 

Susan Montgomery reports that version 5.0 of the Encyclopedia of Chemical Engineering Equipment has been recently published, with an all-new interface, |including a search feature. In addition to covering over 100 pieces of chemical engineering equipment, the Encyclopedia includes applications sections addressing pharmaceutical processing, petroleum refining, and safety applications-next in the works is a section on food processing. 

Susan would enjoy hearing your thoughts, at encyclopedia@umich.edu, and also would love to hear from any of the close to 100 U-M students who have worked on it over the years.

Lab-on-a-Chip is key discovery
in Michigan's history

Read the story about the development of Mark Burn's lab-on-a-chip on the College's Bicentennial Web Project. 

The chip is featured as one of the University's most important research advances during the past 200 years.
Beyond Carbon Neutral

Beyond Carbon Neutral, an initiative launched last year that is led by the U-M Energy Institute, seeks to develop ways to raise the rate at which carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere. In this video, Levi Thompson discusses the need for the initiative and what it will do.  

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Graduate Fellowships

Shannon Moran, Sean Dix, and Sarah Owen are recipients of 2017 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships. Zixuan Wang and John Hemmerling have received this year's Department of Defense's National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate Fellowships.  

More Faculty Honors

Jennifer Linderman won a Rackham Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award  
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Ron Larson received department outstanding achievement award. 
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Lola Eniola Adefeso received University honor and promotion to professor. 
Research Highlights
Keeping drugs on the job
Most drugs are hydrophobic and when mixed with water in the digestive tract they form a crystal and often don't perform as they should. Pharmaceutical companies add polymers to drugs to hinder the crystal growth. Computer simulations developed in Ron Larson's lab reveal how well different polymers prevent crystallization.

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Complex nanoparticle crystal 
Nanotechnology promises to bring materials together in new ways, forging new capabilities by design. Recent work by Sharon Glotzer and colleagues demonstrates that some of nature's most complicated structures can be deliberately assembled if researchers can control the shapes of the particles and the way they connect using DNA.

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Twisted semiconductors for future moving holograms
A smartphone display that can produce moving, holographic 3D images will need to be able to twist the light it emits. Nick Kotov and Wenchun Feng, Nick's post-doctoral research fellow, have discovered a way to mass-produce spiral semiconductors that can take that important, light-coiling step.

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Recent Department Events
The Donald L. Katz Lectureship in Chemical Engineering

The annual Donald L. Katz Lectureship was held on March 15-16. Paula Hammond, David H. Koch Chair Professor of Engineering and the department head at MIT, was this year's lecturer. She gave two lectures during the event and was honored at the dinner on March 15. You can watch her lecture on "Nanolayered Drug Release Systems for Regenerative Medicine and Targeted Nanotherapies."

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Chemical Engineering Graduate Symposium

The ChE Graduate Symposium was held at the Gerald R. Ford Library on May 11. Thirteen students presented talks and 18 displayed posters. Dr John Younger,  CTO and co-founder of Akadeum Life Sciences and former emergency medicine doctor at Michigan, was the keynote speaker. He spoke about developing new cell sorting technology and creating a startup company to get his product out to the public.
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