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December 3, 2023

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Some corrections updates to Nov. 30 Email.

[Note: I wanted to get this out sooner but was out of the country for several days. Regarding my last email, there was great time pressure, and my initial response was based on partially inaccurate information.]


I have spoken directly with Cong. Tim Burchett. It was a pleasant and revealing discussion. I have received other input as well. Here is info.

1) Cong. Burchett's amendment was not intended to replace the UAP Disclosure Act. Rather, it was to provide some more direct language to augment the extremely complex Senate bill.

2) Cong. Burchett does have issues with the Senate bill. They are honest disagreements.

3) The UAP Disclosure Act will pass, but there is an intense effort to change the language. As mentioned earlier the areas of engagement are the eminent domain section, subpoena powers and the UAP Review board. Politics is always about compromise.

4) Continue to lobby for the UAP act to pass as is. But the one area you should not want to see removed is the White House UAP Review Board. Focus on that.

5) The press conference on Thursday was an authentic effort to demand an end to the abuse of secrecy and the Truth Embargo.

The Burchett amendment was a good faith effort to provide some simpler, direct language via a vis the very complicated Schumer amendment. It was not being set up to replace it.

The UAP Disclosure Act will stay in with significant changes. It is a very contentious process. The targets are the eminent domain section, the subpoena powers and the Presidential UAP Review Board.

The UAP Disclosure Act is a powerful bill, and we want it as is. But resistance from defense contractors and secret keepers will likely prevail. There will be changes. Of the three areas of contention, the one with the best chance to remain intact is the Presidential UAP Review Board. Focus on that.

Here is now the approach to take. Contact Republican and Democrat conferees with a softer message. You support the UAP Disclosure Act and want it passed with as few changes as possible. You strongly support the UAP Review Board.

Consider using cooler language. Whatever the final language in the UAP Disclosure Act, it will be a huge win for the Disclosure movement.

If you want to support the House version language put forward by Tim Burchett, do so. It will likely be adjusted as well to not conflict with the Senate version.

Below you will find the Twitter handles for the Republican and Democrat conferees. I'm still trying to obtain the list of Senate conferees. 

Republican Conferees






















Democrat Conferees















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