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Correlations That Count -- Flexibility
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As I write this newsletter, the whole world is waiting to see what happens next. Fight, flight or freeze. Wherever you look, few sectors are operating normally. So, if you feel like you're freezing or stuck in a "holding pattern" there's something I want to share with you about your fear .

Yes, "wait and see" is a valid survival mechanism, but it can also get you in a lot of trouble. More than anything, fear is a sign that you need to move. You need to move and you may need to adapt.

You can't control what happens with the crisis, but you can control how you respond to it. A leader takes people where they need to go, especially in the face of uncertainty. And right now, that's what you need to do. In your business and in your market.

You need to realize that your customer's world has changed and ask, "How are we adapting to meet our customers' changing needs?"

You might need to evaluate which candidates are suited to remote work. You may want to understand how they respond to stress and uncertainty. Can they adapt to unpredictable situations and make the right moves?

When it comes to answering questions like these, our Achiever Family of Assessments remains the most effective tool in your arsenal. Let us know how we can help your workforce adapt to change. We're all in this together.

Yours in prosperity,
Eric Cotter
Correlations That Count -- Flexibility
This month we will review a few Correlations with the dimension of Flexibility -- a change Personality Dimension. It measures the extent to which actions are based on precedent, flexibility regarding change and how much structure is required.

Please contact your Personnel Profiles Representative to review any results or to get the full Correlations guide.  
Flexibility Correlations
Flexibility Correlations with Mental Acuity
1 to 3 in Mental Acuity & 1 to 3 in Flexibility -- Potential for self-serving decisions; may not recognize consequences of questionable behavior.

5 to 9 in Mental Acuity & 5 to 9 in Flexibility -- Allows individuals to evaluate circumstances and react appropriately. Will be easy to train. The higher mentality will allow for compensatory effects.

1 to 4 in Mental Acuity & 7 to 9 in Flexibility -- May not have the capacity to adapt, change or consider other approaches.
Scores 1 to 3
1 to 3 in Flexibility & 1 to 3 in Energy -- Indicates a hyper tense individual with quick rationalization processes. They may take unusual action before thinking and exhibit behavioral difficulty problems. Expedient to a fault.

1 to 3 in Flexibility & 1 to 3 in Organization -- Puts things off, procrastinates, lack of planning and follow through, not goal oriented. Subordinates may find this person difficult with which to work; often confuses a work project.

1 to 3 in Flexibility & 7 to 9 in Competitiveness -- Increases the likelihood that the respondent may not adhere to moral and ethical standards.

1 to 3 in Flexibility & 1 to 3 in Mental Toughness -- Indicates a pattern of extreme flexibility coupled with a high level of sensitivity. They exhibit a highly creative instinct and orientation.
Scores 7 to 9
7 to 9 in Flexibility & 7 to 9 in Organization -- Have a very fixed nature and so highly structured they simply can not react to immediate circumstances. Slow decision-maker.

7 to 9 in Flexibility & 7 to 9 in Mental Toughness -- Lacks flexibility and does not see or recognize art and form, and the creative side of life. Not as aesthetically oriented.
Many dimensions have correlations that can either make the impact of that score more or less prominent. The best way to get more information about these correlations is through additional interviews with the candidate and checking references. Referencing can be difficult, but if you ask a specific questions using the information from these dimensions and correlations you may get more specific answers to your questions. Even simply confirming the dates of employment from a reference can prove to be important information. There is a percentage of applicants that falsify this information because many employers do not confirm the dates accuracy. Testing should be 1/3 of your hiring decision, and by using it in interviews, references and training you get so much more out of your testing investment!
Please never hesitate to call your Personnel Profiles, Inc. Representative to review assessment scores in more detail.
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