January 17, 2021
First Gathering - Online Presentation
Date Correction! Church Tour Hunt is on March 13th
Greetings First Communion Families!

We now begin First Communion preparation!!!

Normally we meet with you parents and children in January for a presentation and activities to get us started with
First Communion preparation.

For this year, that gathering is converted into
at-home presentation and activities.
  • There are a number of links to videos and information that we hope you find enlightening and inspiring.
  • Some parts are for parent and child to complete together and others are just for parents.
  • As with First Reconciliation preparation, there will be more presentations and activities to do,
but spaced out - and this is the longest.
  • We expect you will complete the presentation with your child in more than one sitting, adapt the timing for your child.

Your feedback is expected by February 28, 2021 providing over a month to work on it!
IMPORTANT! There are links in the Presentation
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If link doesn't work, copy or type the following into your browser:
Always feel free to contact me with questions (preferably after making sure they are not already answered in these emails) or concerns.

We regret that preparation is occurring solely through this means, but a significant benefit for your child is that your children are learning their faith regarding this sacrament through you, their primary educator in life!

Please let us know if your child asks a stumper question - I had to find many answers with my children, even after being in this role for years. With such a rich and deep supernatural reality, none of us can know it all in this life!

May God bless you and your families abundantly!

-- Linda Bader, Coordinator of Religious Education
*******************************************************************************Below you will find information provided in earlier emails
for this sacrament's preparation.
A. First Communion Registration
The First Communion Registration form is below. I need the information from the form, but it does not have to be on the form.
You can
  1. Return an email with the information the form requests to me at dlbader@sttm.org
  2. Return a print out of the registration form to me through your child's teacher or by dropping it off at the parish office. (Place cursor over the form, right click, select "Copy Image" then paste into Word or similar program, then print.)

B. First Communion Banner Dates
First Communion Dates for events are listed in the 2nd document section below.
Note: Dates or information changed from the first email are in purple!

C. First Communion Banner instructions
The banners are hung in the Church before the First Communion celebration and remain until the new school year begins.

  • Each one should be an expression of the child's view of First Communion or the Eucharist in general. They should also be completed by the children, although parents can help.
  • Banners are due in March.
2021 First Communion Dates

Our traditional dates are adapted for gathering restrictions. Please send responses to: dlbader@sttm.org

January 17th - Responses due from: Registration
February 28th - Responses due from: January Presentation
March 7th - Banners due - Turn in to teachers or parish office

March 13th - Church Tour "Hunt" - Attend in small groups
(Your assigned time between 9:00 am - 2:00 pm TBD)
April 17th - Responses due from: On-Line Retreat
May 2nd - Responses due from: On-Line Retreat

TBD, May - Rehearsal

´╗┐May 16th - Noon or 2:00 pm First Communion Mass
Pictures offered after the First Communion Mass - No group photo