Year of Shared Discernment - September 8, 2020
Nativity of the Blessed Mother
Please watch the video below of Matt Dunn, MLC-NA Chair, which officially invites all Lay Marianists to participate in the Year of Shared Discernment! This year is designed to be a meaningful opportunity for personal reflection and interaction with other Lay Marianists on what it means to be a Lay Marianist. We hope that this Year of Shared Discernment rekindles and strengthens your call to live the Marianist charism in your everyday life as well as help you feel like you are part of something bigger. The entire script for Matt's video can be found in PDF format here.

Please see the website, for the resources and frequently asked questions for the Year of Shared Discernment.  You may write to if you have additional thoughts or questions.

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What is the Year of Shared Discernment and how can I get involved?

The Year of Shared Discernment provides intentional time for Lay Marianists to continue their ongoing discernment, not only in individual Marianist Lay Communities, but also collectively as a regional, national, and world-wide community.


Lay Marianists continue to seek more ownership of our charism as well as support for the vocation and mission of our communities. To make this happen, we need a vision. But a Marianist vision cannot come from the top down: we must all create this vision together. That’s where the Year of Shared Discernment comes in.


To help facilitate this shared experience, the leadership council invites you to reflect and be in conversation with other Lay Marianists through a series of five modules starting today on the Feast of the Nativity of Mary. We ask individuals and communities to determine how best to schedule the module discussions in a way that fits your needs and community's schedule. We realize this may look different for individuals and communities due to the variations in how gatherings are scheduled locally. Registration is not required to participate in the Year of Shared Discernment; however, we do encourage you to register at the link provided below to ensure you receive future information as it becomes available.

End Result:

One of our goals for the Year of Shared Discernment is to increase the relationships across MLC-NA so that Lay Marianists develop a common understanding of our life and mission together and begin to see us as a community of communities as Fr. Chaminade envisioned. At the conclusion of the year, the MLC-NA Leadership Council will gather the insights and desires we learned from you into a strategic plan to support our common goals.
Year of Shared Discernment Sign Up
While MLC-NA is not requiring registration, we would love to know who is actively engaged in the Year of Shared Discernment and to been able to provide support to those committed to the year.

If you plan to participate an an individual Lay Marianists, with your Marianist Lay Community or institution, or both please sign up here!

This will help us keep track of who is participating, ask for feedback and give us opportunities to send participants updates and pertinent information as the Year of Shared Discernment continues.
Schedule and Monthly Zoom Calls
MLC-NA suggests that communities and individuals focus two months on each module. Please see the timeline below. However, we encourage each individual or community to determine the schedule that works best for their needs to complete all sections of the module within the two month time frame.

There is a "Share" section within each module that encourages participants to connect with other Lay Marianists across North America to share what is being learned from each module and the entire Year of Shared Discernment. MLC-NA's Area Representatives are hosting three separate Zoom calls each month. All Lay Marianists, regardless of location, can join the call that works best for them, to discuss the current module, its key content, and possible next steps. The calls provide an opportunity to meet other Marianist laity and to connect outside your own community for conversation that builds on the specific module for that month. We encourage community members to split up and attend different Year of Shared Discernment modules, as possible. The days and times for the Monthly Year of Shared Discernment Zoom Calls for September are:

  • Monday, September 14 7-8 pm CT/8-9 pm ET: Zoom Link to Join
  • Hosted by Linda Flores-Tober & José Matos Auffant
  • Tuesday, September 15 7-8 pm CT/8-9 pm ET: Zoom Link to Join
  • Hosted by Kay Stone & Errol Christian
  • Thursday, September 24 7-8 pm PT/4-5 PM HT: Zoom Link to Join 
  • Hosted by Grissel Benitez-Hodge & Ellen Celaya
As a faith community, MLC-NA is the national association to which all Lay Marianists in North America belong. It is self-supporting through contributions from individuals and local communities.

Your contributions of time, talent, or financial resources support the work we do to provide Lay Marianists with high-quality formation experiences and resources. If you are inspired by the work that was created for this Year of Shared Discernment, please consider a donation to MLC-NA. Your gift will allow us to continue MLC-NA's priority to provide Lay Marianists with high-quality formation experiences, resources, and events. Thank you!