Dear Supporters of PANDAS-PANS Research and Treatment,

Please save the date for this important US Conference particularly sponsored to invested in the education of the medical community about latest research in this field of neuro-immune-psych connections. Speakers are being invited to address education regarding mechanisms of PANDAS-PANS-AE and the pressing need for expanded acceptance and treatment of patients.. New research from the consortium explaining autoimmune and genetic factors will be presented. The application of tangible medical treatment success and setbacks will also be addressed. IT'S TIME FOR IMPACT & IMPROVEMENT IN CARE!

Stay tuned for KeyNote Speaker and invited presenters.
AAP Meeting Florida - SEPPA this Weekend
PANDAS Network regrets to have reported incorrectly in last week's newsletter. Correction: Dr. Don Gilbert has volunteered to NOT speak about PANDAS at this weekend's AAP Conference in Florida.

At this weekend's AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) Meeting, SEPPA and community partners in the U.S. are attending the American Academy of Pediatrics meeting next week to educate 15,000 doctors about PANDAS-PANS. PN Board Member, Heather Korbmacher, has been an excellent aide to the writing of talking points for the members of SEPPA as they face pediatricians nationwide in this national event . LINK HERE

Since July various efforts have been put forth to counter a negative commentary against treating any child with pandas-pans despite the suffering of the child, according to Gilbert, et al in the Journal of Pediatrics.

Efforts to influence reconsideration of a CME video created by Dr. Gilbert are being reviewed by the CME medical committee as noted here: American Academy of CME (medical education) committee investigating bad faith in the Gilbert CME video is being reviewed. Thank you to Beth Maloney for posting this letter for us to read. READ LETTER HERE

Dr. Swedo and the consortium are finalizing an extensive rebuttal to the Gilbert, et al opinion paper against pandas. This rebuttal will be delivered to the Journal of Pediatrics in response to this opinion paper .

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