March 2019| Issue 2
Regrettably an earlier version of this email had the incorrect date for the Ward 11 Easter Egg Hunt, and also omitted the Ward 11 Monthly Community Meeting. The changes are reflected below.
Member Highlight
Council President Pro Tempore
Michael Correia - Ward 6
Council President Pro Tempore Michael Correia has served on the City Council since 2011. However, he has been active in his community for much longer.

Pro Tempore Correia is the president of the Providence Crime Watch Association and has led several programs aimed at making safer neighborhoods in the City.

Pro Tempore Correia has also lead many beautification projects and family oriented community events in Ward 6.

Meet Your City Councilor
Providence is separated into 15 distinct Wards, each a unique and dynamic community. We believe that access to your Councilor is paramount.

By clicking on the link below you will be able to learn more about your Councilor, and have the opportunity to send them an email to share your thoughts or concerns.
The month of March is always exciting at City Hall, with celebrations for International Women’s Day, St Patrick’s Day and St Joseph’s Day all taking place within a few weeks of each other. This month also saw the introduction of several significant ordinances, resolutions and proposals. Council members were on the go throughout the City participating in many other fun community events. Continue reading to see what your Councilor has been up to this month!
Yard Waste Pick-Up to Begin
It's that time of year again!

The City will begin to collect yard waste once more on your regularly scheduled trash day.

Remember that you need to have your barrel clearly labeled or use bags like the ones that we all used to get at Benny's! We know, we miss them too! (If you need a sticker for your barrel stop by the DPW at 700 Allens Avenue or at the City Council Office on the Third Floor of City Hall.
Street Repair and Paving to Begin
You'll notice that paving and road repair will begin on many streets across the city in early to mid-April. Be prepared for delays, choose alternate routes, and be patient as the City works to make these much needed improvements. For a complete list of streets and locations visit the Department of Public Works website for more information: DPW Street List
City Property Revaluation Complete
The City of Providence announced on March 29, 2019 that the state-mandated full real estate property revaluation is complete and real estate property value assessment notices will be mailed on April 15, 2019. Providence property owners will soon receive a notice.
VIN Station has Been Relocated
Thanks to the leadership of Chairman James E. Taylor, Council President Pro Tempore Correia, and Councilman Narducci the Providence City Council along with Mayor Jorge Elorza announced their decision to move the Providence VIN Station to the Public Safety Complex parking garage at 349 West Fountain Street as of April 1 st .
Council President Pro Tempore Correia and Councilman Taylor Introduce Ordinance Calling for Emergency Snow Parking Ban Guidelines
City Council President Pro Tempore Michael Correia and Councilman James Taylor have introduced an ordinance that calls for implementing an emergency parking ban if the expected snowfall is four inches or more. They feel this ordinance would allow for safer, faster and more efficient snow removal in the City.  
City Councilwoman Rachel Miller and Council President Pro Tempore Michael Correia Introduce Housing Discrimination Prevention Ordinance
Councilwoman Rachel Miller and Council President Pro Tempore Michael Correia introduced the Housing Discrimination Prevention Ordinance. presented in collaboration with the Mayor, the Providence Human Relations Commission and United Way of Rhode Island. This ordinance aims to eliminate discrimination by landlords against possible renters that are reliant on alternative income sources such as housing vouchers, Social Security, Supplemental Security Income and rental assistance.
City Council Passes Resolution Urging National Grid to Repair
City Streets and Sidewalks
The City Council passed a resolution, sponsored by Council President Pro Tempore Michael Correia, at the March 21 st Council Meeting requesting the Director of Public Works to immediately stop the issuance of road opening permits to National Grid and to any affiliated vendors until all city streets and sidewalks are repaired back to their original condition. “National Grid needs to be held accountable for their actions; our roadways are getting torn up, the fines are going unpaid and this neglect must stop,” stated Pro Tempore Correia.
Council President Pro Tempore Correia Helps to Kick Off PVD Fest
On March 21 st Council President Pro Tempore Correia joined with Mayor Elorza to launch PVD Fest, which will take place from June 6 th to June 9 th . PVD Fest is a city wide celebration of arts, music and culture that is free to all.
City Council Swears In Several Staff & Judicial Appointments
City Re-Appointments
The Council extends congratulations to the following City employees for their re appointments as of March 21 st :

James Lombardi III, Esq. CPA
City Treasurer

Gina M. Costa
City Internal Auditor

Honorable Frank Caprio
Chief Municipal Judge

Honorable John J. Lombardi
Municipal Court Judge

Honorable Daniel P. McKiernan
Municipal Court Judge

Tina L. Mastroianni
First Deputy City Clerk

Sheri A. Petronio
Second Deputy City Clerk

Caleb Horton
City Archivist
International Women's Day
On March 8 th members of the City Council gathered with community members, celebrating their second annual Women's Day Celebration at City Hall in collaboration with Sista Fire and ARISE. Council President Sabina Matos, Council President Pro Tempore Michael Correia, Deputy Majority Leader Mary Kay Harris, and Council members Nirva LaFortune, James Taylor, Katherine Kerwin, Rachel Miller and David Salvatore spent the evening recognizing the accomplishments of diverse women throughout the City.
Council President Matos
Council President Sabina Matos spoke at the Extraordinary Woman Awards Gala and at the Women’s Day Conference for the Latina Women Innovation Center. The Council President spoke about innovation and balance in the Women’s movement.
Councilwoman LaFortune
Councilwoman Nirva LaFortune spoke with community members at the State House with Hope and Change for Haiti. She spoke eloquently about the continuing fight for equal health and economic outcomes for immigrant women and women of color.
St Patrick's Day
City Council St Patrick's Day Celebration
On March 15th, Council Majority Leader Jo-Ann Ryan hosted the City's St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the Council Chambers, which featured performances from the Goulding School of Dance and the Mount Pleasant Kilties student Chorus. Mayor Jorge Elorza and several members of Providence’s Irish community spoke about the example that Irish immigrants have set in their support for each other and for other immigrant groups in the City. Council President Pro Tempore Correia, Deputy Majority Leader Harris, and Councilman Taylor were also in attendance. 
Rhode Island Senate St Patrick's Day Celebration
On March 14 th Council Majority Leader Ryan gave the Irish Heritage Address at the Rhode Island Senate’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration.
Providence St Patrick's Day Parade
Council President Matos, Council President Pro Tempore Correia, Council Majority Leader Ryan and Council members Kerwin, Miller, LaFortune, Anthony, Taylor and Salvatore spent a sunny Saturday walking in the Providence St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 9 th
Mayor Frankie Kenna of Athlone, Ireland Visits Providence
City Hall was visited by Frankie Kenna, the mayor of Athlone, Ireland. The visit was coordinated by Providence’s own Patrick Griffin, owner of Patrick's Pub, and they met with City Council President Pro Tempore Michael Correia, Majority Leader Jo-Ann Ryan, Deputy Majority Leader Mary Kay Harris, and Councilman James Taylor. Patrick has the honor of being Grand Marshal of Athlone’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade - his home town!
St Joseph's Day
St Joseph's Day Celebration
Senior Deputy Majority Leader Nicholas Narducci gave the opening remarks at the City's annual Saint Joseph’s Day celebration on March 19 th . The ceremony honored the heritage and contributions that Italian-Americans have made throughout the country and in Providence.
Black History Month Exhibit
Students Visit South Side Exhibit
On Wednesday, March 13, 2019 a group of seventh graders from Providence’s Community Preparatory School visited City Hall to view the Black History Month exhibit titled “South Side: Where Providence Begins.” A curated tour was led by City Council Deputy Majority Leader Mary Kay Harris and City Archivist Caleb Horton, who spoke with students about the South Side’s long history of diversity.
In the News
Councilwoman Kerwin Supports Local Libraries
On March 12 th , Councilwoman Katherine Kerwin spoke at the Providence Community Library in support of expanding library hours and access to programming.
Council President Appoints New Chief of Staff
Providence City Council President Sabina Matos has appointed Erlin Rogel, J.D. as the Council’s Chief of Staff effective Monday, March 25, 2019 . Rogel is a Providence native living in the Elmhurst neighborhood and has extensive experience in public policy and local politics. The Council extends their gratitude to Interim Chief of Staff James Lombardi and welcomes Rogel to this new role.
Council President Matos and Councilwoman Kerwin Speak With Young Voices RI
On March 26 th , Council President Sabina Matos and Councilwoman Katherine Kerwin, along with several other female Rhode Island leaders, spoke with the organization Young Voices RI about Women's History Month, youth activism and racial disparity in public school systems.

Councilwoman Rachel Miller co-hosted an event at The Avery on March 19 th . After an attack against members of the LGBTQ community outside the West End bar last month, the community rallied to take back the space.

Councilwoman Nirva LaFortune spoke at a Reproductive Freedom event on March 15 th supporting Medicaid coverage of doula services, and increasing access to healthcare for pregnant women of color.

Majority Leader Jo-Ann Ryan’s Plastic Carryout Bag Reduction Act was passed from the Council’s Committee on Finance and will be sent to the Full Council for vote and passages at their April 4, 2019 meeting.

Senior Deputy Majority Leader and Chairman of the Council’s Committee on Claims and Pending Suits, Nicholas J. Narducci Jr., voted with the majority of his committee to not approve a severance package for the city’s former Director of Human Resources.

Margo Guernsey's Debut Feature COUNCILWOMAN , based on the life of Providence Councilwoman Carmen Castillo, Ward-Nine, will have a New York City premiere at two different film festivals.

The first is the Havana NY Film Festival running from April 5-16, 2019 and the second is the Workers Unite Film Festival running from May 10-22.

Upcoming Meetings, Public Hearings and Special Events
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