June 2023
An earlier version of this e-mail included a graphic listing an incorrect date for our event in our Manchester store with Stephen Kiernan. That event will take place on Friday, June 23rd at 6 pm in our Manchester store, not on June 30th as that graphic stated.
Ten summers ago, Northshire Saratoga opened its doors for the first time to welcome in a community of book lovers. Saratoga Springs understood the value of a downtown bookstore and effectively lobbied, invested and supported us, later pouring into the aisles with friends and family in celebration of their new bookstore on August 5th, 2013.

We are of course deeply grateful for this passion and vision. We are grateful also for a decade of support that we could only have dreamed of prior to experiencing the real thing.

Every day we open the doors of the bookstore and wait for our customers to come in so that we can tell them all about books we love. We wait for our customers who tell us about their lives and the books they just read and loved. We watch children make that mad dash - they aren’t running - for the big black staircase because of the new Dog Man release, or the train, or Story Time or the restroom. We watch them hug the staircase giraffe, and later curl up in their favorite adult lap to share a picture book. Because of your support, we get to be stewards of all this magic and for this we also thank you.

We appreciate you, our customers, for keeping the bookstore healthy and viable. For simply buying your books from us. For walking those extra blocks when parking is hard, for being so sincerely dedicated to us that your relatives now visit us every time they visit you, for calling us back because our new phone system is new, for your suggestions and humor and ideas, for every order large and small, for your holiday cheer and summer time patience. We love your dogs and look forward to watching your babies grow up. We love when you test our skills. “I came in to buy that green book you had in the front window two months ago with the circle on the front cover. Do you still have it?”

Thank you for continuing to purchase your books with us.

Thank you for trusting our recommendations.

Thank you for keeping us here.

We are honored and excited to serve as your bookstore. We have so many happy memories in this building, and we would love to hear some of yours. Click here if there’s a story you’d like to share.

Would you like a glass of lemonade and cake to go with your books? Please join us for our 10th anniversary ribbon cutting ceremony at 10 am on Friday, August 4th.

None of what we do would be the same without you.

-Nancy Scheemaker, General Manager Northshire Bookstore Saratoga
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An earlier version of this e-mail included a graphic listing an incorrect date for this event. It will take place on Friday, June 23rd at 6 pm in our Manchester store, not on June 30th.
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Northshire Bookstore records many of our author and bookstore events and makes them available for free viewing through our “Northshire Presents” YouTube Channel. We are continually updating these offerings to allow our community to connect with other readers & book lovers. Explore & Enjoy - and please like and subscribe to see more videos as we add them!
From our video archives: Colm Toibin on his remarkable novel The Magician, as recorded in the fall of 2022.
Featured Release

The new novel from New York Times bestselling and Los Angeles Times Book Prize-winning author S. A. Cosby, "one of the most muscular, distinctive, grab-you-by-both-ears voices in American crime fiction.” —Washington Post.

"Titus Crown returned to his hometown in Virginia after working as an agent for the FBI, still haunted by a traumatic incident. He never thought he would be elected sheriff of Charon County and neither did a lot of the white folks who lived there. The routine of traffic stops and breaking up brawls at the local bar is violently disrupted by the murder of a beloved local teacher and the subsequent discovery of the bodies of seven children in a nearby forest. If serial boredom had often prevailed before, Titus was now confronted with the hunt for a vicious serial killer. This is another tough-as-nails excursion into the dark realm of crime by one of the emerging masters of the genre. "Sinners" is a worthy blood brother to the author's Blacktop Wasteland and Razorblade Tears. Pun intended." — reviewed by Alden Graves

Pre-order Highlight

The two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and bestselling author of Harlem Shuffle continues his Harlem saga in a powerful and hugely-entertaining novel that summons 1970s New York in all its seedy glory.

"In 1970's Harlem, where blood spots on the sidewalk catch a glint of morning sun, the straight and narrow is potholed for Ray Carney. He has tried to outrun his checkered past, but he can still feel it snapping at his heels. Even something as admirable as trying to find tickets to a Jackson 5 concert for his daughter can draw him back into a world where everyone has a price, a crooked angle, or both. This is a dark and funny return to the tumultuous underworld that the author created so memorably in Harlem Shuffle, with its many incurably shady characters. The reader may be delighted to encounter them again, even if, for very good reasons, Ray Carney is not." - reviewed by Alden Graves

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