Nexus e-Newsletter - Spring 2020
COVID-19 Update
Ed Tazzia
Chair of Network Board
Deb Kielty
Chair of the Foundation Board
Understandably as we look to play our part in curbing the spread of COVID-19, our chapters and Global Network have postponed all face to face events.  Please see this message from Network Chairman, Ed Tazzia, and Foundation Chairman, Deb Kielty.
A Special COVID-19 Enrichment Series Webinar
Join us for a special enrichment series webinar titled: " COVID-19: What is the latest, and what actions should you take?" The webinar will take place on Tuesday, April 28, 9AM EST discussing scenarios and implications of COVID-19 and what to expect over the next months as we move through the various phases of the pandemic. 

  • Helen Leis, Partner, Oliver Wyman Health and Life Sciences
  • Bruce Hamory, MD Partner, Oliver Wyman Health and Life Sciences Chief Medical Officer
  • David Mayer, Senior Partner, Lippincott
2019 P&G Alumni Network Annual Report
The Network published its first annual report containing news from the chapters around the world, messages from the alumni leadership as well as P&G CEO, David Taylor, and updates from the Foundation and financials.
Behavioral Risks to Investing
In these uncharted times — as the coronavirus pandemic spreads, we’re increasingly isolated from friends and coworkers, and the investment markets plunge — our emotions will very often try to take the best of us. That’s absolutely normal and to be expected. Our wealth management partner, Aspiriant, sheds light on the behavioral risks to investing.  Read more here.
P&G Steps up as a Force for Good
P&G has always placed the community at the heart of everything it does.  Learn here just some of the things the company is doing in the global fight against COVID-19.

Foundation Shares Inaugural 2019 Impact Report
In an expression of gratitude to our Donors and Grant Champions, we are pleased to share our inaugural 2019 Foundation Impact Report . Within these pages, you will see results and hear from Safina, Goh & Faduma who are making a sustainable difference in their communities.
$100,000 in New Grants Announced!
Cooperative for Education
Freestore Foodbank
Thanks to you, tens of thousands of individuals in need around the world have been economically empowered. This year, we awarded $100,000 to five nonprofits making a difference every day. Behind each grant is a P&G Alum - like you - whose "on the ground" commitment is making our grants go further and work harder.  Click here to see the grant award recipients & meet their Alumni Grant Champions!
2020 Grant Cycle Compressed & Simplified
Given this difficult and uncertain time for all our communities given the coronavirus, the P&G Alumni Foundation is compressing and simplifying the 2020 grant cycle. We are sensitive to the many non-profits experiencing service disruptions and staffing issues that would likely affect their ability to fully participate in this year’s grant process if it were to be held on our normal schedule. Grant cycle will now open on August 1, 2020.
#IWD Showcases Women Uplifting their Communities!
Many Alums joined in the celebration of International Women's Day (March 8) as the P&G Alumni Women's Leadership Network and the P&G Alumni Foundation spotlighted the achievements of women grant beneficiaries and the importance of gender equality.  Hear from Patricia and Kerry as they share their success stories!
Learn More, Get Involved, Donate
Now more than ever, we are challenged to reach further rather than step back. We anticipate different and even greater needs since those already marginalized will be disproportionately affected.  Click here to Get InvolvedClick here to Become an AmbassadorClick here to Donate. Thank you on behalf of those we serve!
Coming Soon: Navigating the Coronavirus from a Nonprofit Perspective
What do we do now that our special events are canceled? How should we be communicating with our donors? Nonprofits are pivoting quickly and looking for guidance. In an effort to help, Marianne Iyer, Executive Director, will be sharing thoughts and posting articles at and on the Network's social media channels that could help you navigate these unchartered waters.  Join us here.
Featured Videos and Webinars
Do you remember Y2K and the dreaded Millenium Bug? Why do a lot of us fear new technology? We fear what we don't understand because we lose control and that's why in a world where the only constant is change it is important to rewire our mindset. Review Luigi Matrone’s presentation from the last Alumni Global Conference. 
Our friends at Patina Solutions are hosting a webinar, “Lead Like a Woman: The Skills that Make Women Successful Leaders.” on April 29 at 12 CST. As a friend of Patina, you and your colleagues are invited to join them as their guests. Expect an insightful, no-fee, online presentation addressing nine leadership competencies highly effective C-suite women have in common. 
Nexus Publication
Designed to deliver bite-size news on what’s happening, when it's happening and where it’s going down, Nexus will be published every quarter. If you have news to share, we want to hear it. Send any information you want shared to .
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