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Success & Significance! It's Time to Take Time

A Note From Pastor Linda

"It's easy to make a buck.  It's a lot tougher to make a difference." ~Tom Brokaw

Dear Brothers and Sister in Christ~

Definition of Success: acquiring great wealth, holding a high-level position in a career, receiving good grades or winning the game.

Definition of Significance: consequential, momentous, major, critical, pivotal, and decisive.

Do you know the difference between success and significance? Do you live the difference? I know many who believe they are successful, because they have most everything the want.  They have added value to themselves and perhaps their family. This is the "job" of mid-life; that time in life where you are growing your career and growing your family. It is an important chapter of life.

Significance- and thinking about being significant- often comes later in life as we begin to think about leaving a legacy. Significance comes when you purposefully add value to others. Here are a few of my observations along the way from success to significance. 
  • This journey takes time and is a process that requires patience and commitment.  Success is often the steppingstone to significance- taking the next step and asking the question:  What else is there in life?  What's next?
  • Pursuing significance takes us out of our comfort zone.  It challenges us to live beyond ourselves- thus creating some sort of legacy. 
But here's the thing about significance: Once significance is sensed, nothing else will satisfy. It is that sense that you love what you are doing and it somehow makes a difference in the life of others.

Are you at a place in your life where you are wondering- WHAT'S NEXT?  The church has something to say about this. Join me and explore the possibilities at this Lay School of Theology Course offered by Luther Seminary:

The Emergence of Elderhood
Presence, Purpose and Power in Life's Last Third- After childhood, adolescence, emerging adulthood and middlescence comes elderhood.  What are the possibilities and responsibilities of elderhood's strengths and fragility.
Dates:  Mondays, March 20- April 17 from 7-9pm
Place:  Luther Seminary- Olson Campus Center Dining Room C
Find out more and register online at www.luthersem.edu/layschool - click on Lay School Courses and Fees .  Register TODAY!!

Contact me for more information! Invite a friend to attend with you. Can't make all the classes- that's OK! Each class stands on its own. Let me know you are joining me.  

See you in church!  

 ~Pastor Linda  

Prayer Requests

Comfort and Strength in Healing in Cancer Journey
Beau Anderson, friend of Sill family; Tonya, friend and coworker of Vicki Croce; Anne Witalka, friend of Marlin and Ruth Lackas; Bob Olson; Beryl, friend of Elaine Schumacher; Ruth Anne Edlund; Terry Longville, friend of Sharon Sill; Bob Rupar

Healing, Recovering or Facing Other Health Issues
Shawn Pearson, brother-in-law of Mark Bergan; Emilie Harley; Nancy Zak;For those who go above and beyond in the midst of trial; Johanna Livermore; Rex Livermore, Dave Livermore's father; Hannah Bergan; Laura Carlson's parents; Barb Hansen, sister in-law of Linda Hackl; Bette Kuss, Ross Ohman's cousin; Dick Westcott; Ed Abbott, cousin of Denny and Shirley Wachholz; Jim Harley, husband of Emilie Harley; Tim Tkach, friend of Ohman family; Sharon Kari; Cooper, great-nephew of Mary Gookins; Sharon, sister of Betty Corum

Keep Safe From Harm
Cole, grandson of Marlin and Ruth Lackas; Hayden Oliver, serving in Coast Guard

Grief Compassion
Alex Michalski, nephew-in-law of Judy Berke

Hosanna's Wednesday Night Program

Weekly Schedule of Events

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM  -Dinner Hour
6:00 PM - 6:30 PM - The Good News at 6 Worship
6:30 PM - 7:30 PM - Education for all ages
                                    - Faith Formation (Pre-K through Grade 6)
                                    - Confirmation (Grade 7-9)
                                    - Higher Ground (High School age)
                                    - Adult Education

VOLUNTEERS are also needed to help prepare the meals and guide our children & youth in Faith Formation, Confirmation & Higher Ground. Talk with Pastor Jen Collins or Susan Wojciechowski, Food Service Coordinator, about ways you might help.



There will be NO Connect360 Education tomorrow, March 8, 2017, due to Spring Break, however there will be dinner, mentoring sessions and worship.

From the Finance Office

Thank you for the consistent giving to Hosanna- to the General Fund, The Capital Projects Account(CPA) and the many other giving opportunities including Feed My Starving Children and the Youth Mission Trip.  Because of YOU we are actively living and loving and serving- making a difference in our church, our community and beyond.  If you currently give to both General Fund and CPA by check, it would help our weekly counters if separate checks could be written.  Thanks again, for your GENEROSITY!

Lent Wednesday Services - 12pm & 6pm Services
March 1 - April 5

Mid-Week Lent Worship Services continue through April 5. We will focus our attention on Conversations With God: The Lord's Prayer. Most know it by heart, but do you really know what you are asking for in this mighty prayer that Jesus taught? Each week we will explore the Lord's Prayer to consider what it means in our daily lives. There is a service at noon, which is followed by a lunch and a service at 6pm with dinner from 5-6pm and education will follow each service on March 15, 22, 29 and April 5.

Green Earth Team (GET) Meeting
March 12, 2017

There will be a GET Meeting on Sunday, March 12 after the first service in the Conference Room. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about GET, contact Kathy Okeson at tv69oke@aol.com.

Sign Your Child up for Camp this Summer
Priority Registration Deadline Ends March 15, 2017

Camp is where fun and faith collide! At camp you'll meet Jesus in new and exciting ways through friendships, inspiring worships, fun games, caring counselors, blazing campfires and more! Come to camp and be transformed through this fearless faith adventure. 

To register, click  here

If you have any questions, talk to Pastor Jen

Adult Education Opportunity: The Emergence of Elderhood
Mondays, March 20 - April 17 

Presence, purpose and power in Life's Last Third. After childhood, adolescence, emerging adulthood and middlescence comes elderhood. What are the possibilities and responsibilities of elderhood's strengths and fragility? Come find out at Luther Seminary's Lay School of Theology course.
Instructor: Professor Emeritus Roland Martinson
7-9pm at Luther Seminary in the Olson Campus Center Dining Room C. Find out more and register online here. Click on Lay School Courses and Fees. If there is a group interested we could meet for dinner in Roseville and then head over to class. See Pastor Linda to learn more. 

Beer & Hymns
March 26, 2017

Come join with fellow lovers of church tradition... and well brewed beer!  This is a fundraiser benefiting the 2017 Lakes Area Feed My Starving Children Mobile Pack at Hosanna.  The Beer & Hymns will be taking place on March 24, 2017 at Stella's Neighborhood Grille from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM. Doors open at 6:30 PM. The sing will feature hymns sung by Charlie O and friends. Tickets are $10 in advance and can be bought online here, or will be $15 at the door. Please call the church office with questions.  

First Communion Milestone
April 2, 2017

The First Communion Milestone Workshop will be held on Sunday, April 2 at 11:30am in the Lakeside Room. Please sign up on a yellow page in church on Sunday or email Pastor Jen at jcollins@hosannaforestlake.net

Hosanna Staff

Linda Friesen, Pastor
651-464-5502 ext. 2006

Jen Collins, Associate Pastor
651-464-5502 ext. 2023

Rob Anderson, Director of Worship and Music
651-464-5502 ext. 2008

Kelsey Hane, Executive Assistant
651-464-5502 ext. 2000

Susan Wojciechowski, Food Service Director

Roxanne Anderson, Finance
651-464-5502 ext. 2013

Alicia Bauer, Bookkeeper
651-464-5502 ext. 2013

Charlie Ollman, Choir Director

Mary Gookins, Handbell Choir Director

Lisa Sauer, Children's Choir Director

Phyllis Lindberg, Accompanist

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