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Important Dates

March 16 to March March 19, 2021
March Meet Up

Monday March 22, 2021 from 2:30pm to 4:00pm
Undergraduate Chairs and Assistants Meeting

Friday April 2, 2021 
Good Friday (University closed. Classes will not be held)

timetableCorrection to FAS 21-22 Timetable Plans

The university has decided to optimize the potential return of students to in-person classes on campus for the Fall and Winter, based on the assurance from KFL&A Public Health officials that it will be safe to do so by September. Academic units are being asked to construct a full timetable submission with no distancing restrictions and utilizing pre-COVID enrolment and room capacities. In doing so, instructors and departments are asked to have plans to:
  • switch some (or all) courses to remote delivery if restrictions are not lifted or they return at any point in the year (note restrictions can involve distancing and/or maximum group size);
  • accommodate those faculty members, Graduate and Undergraduate students who do not return;
  • accommodate students in different time zones;
  • offer first years who do not come to Kingston access to first year course to ensure they have options for Plan section in the spring; and 
  • maintain and or add interactive components where possible. 
Several FAS timetable drop ins have been scheduled to answer questions and to assist you with a timetable strategy, discuss your plans, and assist you in building an optimal timetable for your department and the Faculty. These sessions will be held between 10 and 11am on Fridays with the last session on March 26.

Meeting ID: 868 1897 0947 and Passcode: 031120
Tier Constraints

QUFA and Queen's University have agreed to changes to the number, type and process for approving instructor's timetable tier constraints. More information can be found at Jenn Stephenson is the Dean's designate for the purposes of approving Tier 1 and 2b constraints. Please hold off on making Tier requests or contacting the Faculty Office until receiving direction from Jenn. We anticipate this information being finalized by time the DCU closes on 9 April 2021.
teachingVice-Provost (Teaching & Learning) internal search

The Office of the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic) is initiating an internal search for the next Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning) (VPTL). As planned, John Pierce will end his term as VPTL on July 1, 2021. Learn More
staaSTAA (Accommodation) and Academic Consideration

With final assignments and exams around the corner, we wanted to send out a reminder of the difference between an STAA (Accommodation) and Academic Consideration.

STAAs (Short-Term Academic Accommodations) are provided to a student by a member of Student Wellness Services (SWS) who has assessed the student and determined what academic accommodations may be required in the short-term (i.e., usually no more than 1 term/up-to-3-months). These forms can be emailed from the student directly to an Arts and Science instructor to implement and do not need to be submitted to the Arts and Science online portal for requests for Academic Consideration. The requirements listed on an STAA are an accommodation, and as such are legally mandated under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Any questions about STAAs should be directed to the Provider who filled out the STAA.

Academic consideration is an action taken by an educator in response to a student with an extenuating circumstance. Requests for academic consideration are a request for a compassionate response from Professors based on the principle of good faith. While the Academic Consideration Team verifies that a student is experiencing an extenuating circumstance, ultimately, it is at the instructors' discretion to grant academic consideration. Any questions about academic consideration should be directed to
catalystCatalyst Fund applications

The goal of the Catalyst Fund is to enhance areas of research excellence that are of strategic importance to the University by giving scholars an opportunity to accelerate their research programs. Ten awards will be allocated, in the amount of $25,000 with a funding period of two years. A minimum of six of the awards will be allocated to Early Career Researchers (ECRs), defined as those who are within 10 years of their first academic appointment. Applicants must hold Tri-Council funding or have applied for Tri-Council funding within the last two years of the full application due date. Notices of Intent are due March 31st and applications are due April 30th
contagionContagion Series: The science, policy and technology of the vaccine roll-out

The COVID-19 vaccination program is one of the largest and most important health care interventions in our lifetimes. This presentation will discuss the science of COVID-19 vaccines and how the vaccine programs will need to be administered and evaluated to be successful. The event is scheduled for 4 pm Tuesday, March 16 EST. The co-Host and moderator is Jane Philpott, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences and Director, School of Medicine.

cofffeeReminder - Coffee and Conversation with the Dean

As the anniversary of the closure of campus and the move to remote teaching, learning, and working is approaching, we would like to recognize the day and to invite you to join Dean Barbara Crow and your fellow classmates and colleagues for a break and a conversation on Zoom from 10:30-11:30 am (EST) on March 12, 2021. This is meant to be an informal conversation, where we reflect on the past year and look forward to the future. We would like to chat with you about the things that we have come to appreciate even more, the things we have just let go, and the things we have missed the most and look forward to in the future. Please register now and join us!

fireplaceReminder - The Fireplace Series: Timely Teaching for a Globalizing Present and Decolonial Futures

How do we teach now, for a globalizing present and towards decolonial futures? Join Dr. Thashika Pillay (Faculty of Education) and Dr. Beverly Mullings (Geography and Planning), scholars concerned with diasporic and global identities, as they seek common and uncommon ground, in a Fireplace Series chat about teaching in, from, and to the current moment. 

The Zoom event is scheduled for Friday, March 19 from 10 to 11:30 am EST.


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