Learners Chess Program Updates

We were quite sad to have to postpone our entire program right now. We love what we do and so having to take such a long and unpredictable pause is not something we wanted to have to do.
  • All of our before and after school programs are postponed until schools start back up.
  • Our March 21st Tournament is cancelled, but we may reschedule to run it this summer if we can find a nice air conditioned venue.
  • Our Community Club is postponed until further notice.
  • Our Spring Break Chess Camps are not cancelled as of now. We will make a decision on those as time draws closer. Our intent is to still host our Spring Break Chess Camps.
  • Possible chess camps during school closures: Since we do qualify for the day-care center exemptions, we are interested in opening up for some day camps next week. We will wait to see how things unfold before making a decision on that. We considered opening up this week, but we feel that it is important for each of us and our coaches to ensure we are practicing social distancing and not showing any symptoms before getting back together with our students. We also want to ensure that, if we do run our program, that we are observing best practices for not sharing germs. As a chess program, we are inherently sharing germs when we play chess with the same pieces all day long. So stay tuned about possible camps.
  • We encourage students to play online. A kid mode lichess.org account (after making an account, click here to set your account to kid mode), is the best resource for learning, practicing tactics and techniques, and for playing life games, all free with no ads.
  • We are offering online chess tournaments. Because of the better tournament format options, we are running our tournaments on chess.com instead of lichess, which also allows free accounts, but not with all the learning tools, and with ads.
  • Click here to sign up for one, two, three, or all of our daily upcoming online chess tournaments, where you can play just against other players who are in Learners Chess.