Monday April 6 thru Sunday April 12

Astrological Highlights for the week:   Full Moon in Libra on Tuesday and Mercury enters Aries late Friday night. 

The Full Moon in Libra on Tuesday evening is dramatic and its resonance in our psyches may go much further than just a beautiful light show. Some fun facts: the Moon looks full when the Sun and Moon are 180 degrees away from each other in opposite signs of the zodiac. The light show is dependent on mutual cooperation – the sunlight fully reflecting off the surface of the Moon. It takes both planets doing their part.

The cosmic play enacted during every Full Moon offers the opportunity to experience two opposing signs working out their differences, finding common ground, and synchronizing their assets. On Tuesday the Sun is in independent, head-strong and fearless Aries with the Moon in social, cooperative and partner-oriented Libra. Individual needs, rights, and desires are seen against the backdrop of shared interests and the greater good. Considering the chaotic and uneven response we are experiencing to the world-wide pandemic, this Full Moon energy comes at a perfect time.  

 A scene from the movie “Apollo 13” depicting the ill-fated NASA Lunar mission pops into my mind. As three American astronauts are poised to lose their lives in space, flight director Gene Kranz oversees the frantic but purposeful team attempting to do what seems impossible. Working within the limitations of a damaged spacecraft their job was to imagine and recommend ways to repurpose available supplies and parts to address the immediate issue of rising carbon dioxide threatening the astronauts and the long-term goal of getting them safely back to earth. Of course the long-term goal was of little value if they couldn’t quickly solve their immediate problem. Although he probably didn’t actually say it, Kranz no doubt conveyed the directive, “Failure is not an option,” and I can also imagine him shouting, just as his character did in the movie, “I don't care about what anything was DESIGNED to do, I care about what it CAN do I”

Whether you remember the news coverage of the mission 50 years ago (April 11 – 17, 1970) or you’ve studied it in school or maybe just saw the movie, you might know about the heroic and collaborative efforts that led to NASA calling this their “Successful Failure.” The mission didn’t get to the moon, but three lives were saved. Sometimes we have to adjust our expectations! You might also know this situation garnered the attention of the world. Prayers and offers of help came from all over the globe. It may have been an American problem, but people from far and wide identified with the stranded men, so far away from home.  

When we look at the imperative of balancing headstrong Aries with heart-based Libra it might be helpful to look first at the shadows. As Aries we can be selfish, self-absorbed; reckless and uncooperative; as Libra we can be passive, co-dependent, indecisive, and imbalanced. On the bright side, Aries inspires innovation, fearlessness, and enthusiasm and Libra reminds us to be diplomatic, impartial, artistic, and considerate. 

In this time of great challenge and personal and global insecurity we don’t have to wait for strong leadership to be directed. We each have wisdom and when we look for it, an internal compass for knowing right from wrong. Each of us can embrace the courage of Aries to be responsible for ourselves and for each other (Libra.) We can consciously think about the fragile balance between the Aries drive for independence and the Libra value of being part of something bigger than ourselves. We can not afford to ignore one or the other. 

The voice of Neptune, the planet of compassion, is strong in this Full Moon energy compelling us to look to deeper and more enduring values when making choices. Mars in progressive Aquarius, fortified by its close proximity to Saturn challenges Uranus (the revolutionary and ruler of Aquarius – it’s a small world!). Uranus is sitting in traditional and slow-moving Taurus. This leads me to believe there are multiple paths to our destiny. Innovation, creativity, and novel approaches are what we need to get this planet “home”, to soften the trajectory of the unfolding health crisis. 

Like the NASA scientists and engineers, supported by a world of people holding the intention of success, we too can harness our individuality and courage and put our efforts toward shared goals and the greater good. There are lots of interim decisions and choices with unclear answers. Trust yourself and your connection to source to do the right thing.

There will be plenty of time to debrief, and to think about what we could have, or should have done better. For now, let’s step up and protect ourselves, our friends, families, neighbors, co-workers, emergency responders, health care workers, grocery store clerks, mail carriers, and the millions of strangers who are simply friends we have not met yet. Stay informed, stay safe, and spread hope. 

Until next week, let go and wear loose clothes.

April 6
Moon in Virgo/Libra
Moon Goes Void of Course 6:29am, enters Libra 2:16pm
Although the Moon is void of course beginning at 6:29 am (Pacific Time) the day may be better suited to doing something constructive rather than day dreaming or just killing time. Even if we astrologers say VOC Moons are not cut out for new beginnings, that doesn’t mean we can’t get a lot accomplished. In fact, attacking a project or task or tying up loose ends might be what the cosmos has in mind. 

The Moon is in industrious Virgo, -- almost never a slacker or lazybones. And this Moon makes fortifying alliances with Jupiter and Pluto both in hard-working and productive Capricorn. Although we have plenty of excuses for trying to escape reality, the most positive choice is losing yourself in something productive. We can distract ourselves from the news or being overwhelmed by our anxieties by literally keeping our hands and bodies busy. Virgo Moons lend themselves quite easily to domestic chores but you don’t have to limit yourself. Physical tasks like cleaning the garage, rearranging furniture, cleaning carpets, decluttering a drawer or a closet, shredding old documents, or rototilling a garden might be good choices. If you have the time, taking a bike ride, hiking, exercising, dancing to some tunes or other physical activity can also be a good use of your time. If you find yourself overwhelmed with mental gymnastics, switch gears and do something physical. 

In mid-afternoon the Moon slips into the partnership sign of Libra where she will align with Saturn in Aquarius and Venus (ruler of Libra) in Gemini. Although this Libra Moon is looking for affection and connection, the influence of detached Aquarius and changeable Gemini in the equation doesn’t add up to anything remotely resembling storybook romance. A dynamic conversation could be pretty stimulating and sexy in its own right. Tonight should be good for entertaining new ideas and participating in a rousing discussion of “how to save the world.” 

Daily Muse: The most necessary task of civilization is to teach people how to think. It should be the primary purpose of our public schools. The mind of a child is naturally active, it develops through exercise. Give a child plenty of exercise, for body and brain. The trouble with our way of educating is that it does not give elasticity to the mind. It casts the brain into a mold. It insists that the child must accept. It does not encourage original thought or reasoning, and it lays more stress on memory than observation. (Thomas A. Edison – Sun, Mercury and Neptune in Aquarius)

Today on A Course in Miracles author Susan Dugan joins me for a look at ACIM Workbook Lesson 109, “I rest in God.” No, this is not déjà vu! We did talk about this lesson on last week’s show. It’s such a relevant and profound lesson, I convinced Susan to join me to put in her unique perspective to this timely topic. Please join us today on at 11 am Pacific – 2 Eastern.

April 7
Super Full Moon 19º Libra 7:35pm
The cosmic energy leading up to the Full Moon in Libra this evening is very telling of the somewhat conflicted but dynamic message of this lunation. The Moon in Libra can be dreamy and romantic, reminiscent of a teenager in love, or hoping to be. But even the most powerful positive affirmations are hard pressed to convince us “everything is good” with Mars in Aquarius (supported by proximity to disciplined Saturn) squaring off against rebellious Uranus in traditional and slow-moving Taurus. Some version of “Wake up and smell the coffee!” is being shouted throughout the cosmos. 

We each hear our own guides and intuition and today it is particularly important to listen. A message is coming through! Mercury the planet of communication at the very end of his long transit through psychic Pisces is aligning with both Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. This could be the conduit through which we get personal guidance and suggestions. We might also receive revelations to share with others. It’s true; together Jupiter and Pluto are breaking down existing rules, standards, and structures. Saturn in Aquarius is playing a part too. New foundations are being built and the ideas that come through today may be pivotal in rebuilding. Don’t look back; keep your attention forward.

This evening the spectacular light show of the Full Moon can be a harbinger of possibilities. We can appreciate its beauty while allowing the light to fill our minds with its messages. The Sun is in independent, head-strong and fearless Aries with the Moon in social, cooperative and partner-oriented Libra. Individual needs, rights, and desires are seen against the backdrop of shared interests and the greater good. 

Considering the chaotic and uneven response we are experiencing to the world-wide pandemic, this Full Moon energy comes at a perfect time. Although strong leadership would be ideal, we don’t have to wait to be directed. Each of us can embrace the courage of Aries to be responsible for ourselves and for each other (Libra.) We can consciously think about the fragile balance between the Aries drive for independence and the Libra value of being part of something bigger than ourselves. We can not afford to ignore one or the other. The voice of Neptune, the planet of compassion, is strong in this Full Moon energy compelling us to look to deeper and more enduring values when making choices. 

Daily Muse: I discovered that when one follows the artist's eye one sees unexpected treasures in so many seemingly ordinary scenes. (Julia Child, Moon in Libra)

Today on Simpletales we’ll look at the week ahead and hear channeled messages through Psychic Medium and Angel Intuitive, Anita Ahuja. Please join us on at 9 am Pacific – Noon Eastern. 

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April 8
Moon in Libra / Scorpio
Moon Goes Void of Course 5:50am, enters Scorpio 1:17pm
Like the Moon in Libra we may be trying to paint the world and our lives in colors and descriptions we find most attractive. The Libra Moon is the energy of creativity and artistry; therefore finding ways to bring more symmetry, equality, beauty and harmony into our everyday lives is to be expected. However, early morning lunar conflicts with Jupiter and Mars in stoic Capricorn remind us to not be shallow in our approach. We are in the midst of some serious renovations of our structures, organizations, political policies, and personal values. We might be well advised to bring our creativity to this process thereby merging function and aesthetics purposefully. Superficial covering over of serious problems will come back to haunt us. 

In early morning a disconnect between the Moon and Mercury might also create strife in personal relationships. Being overly sensitive or opinionated can lead to disagreements. Today it might be best to keep your opinions or observations to yourself. You may be brilliant; but the world may not think so. It could be others are not ready to hear what you have to say.

Before judging too harshly consider this. Are we using heavy filters to hear or process information? We all do it. We let preconceived ideas and opinions make us deaf to new information that doesn’t fit into our paradigm. It’s pretty natural and human after all. We might try adopting some super-human powers of consciously challenging our selves by listening to opinions different than our own. You don’t have to adopt them; but how will you know the truth if you entertain only limited flow of information? The earth was flat before it wasn’t. 

This afternoon the Moon dives into introspective Scorpio. With Luna conflicting with Saturn in Aquarius and Venus in Gemini, we are not feeling gregarious or open minded. And late evening lunar conflicts with Uranus and Mars does nothing to smooth over the rough edges. This is not the time to push a personal agenda. Expect that people are not feeling of one mind tonight, so if someone is not on the same page with you, be tolerant and accepting. 

The evening might be better suited to quiet behaviors like journaling, reading, watching a documentary, or even doing some research into a topic of interest. How often do we take the time to read the original story or research paper we hear cited? Scorpio is a detective; follow its lead to find your own truth. 

Daily Muse: Iron rusts from disuse; water loses its purity from stagnation... even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind. (Leonardo da Vinci – Mars in Aquarius – Mercury in Aries)

April 9
Moon in Scorpio
We remain under the influence of a contemplative Moon in Scorpio. If we have been in a particularly judgmental mood lately, (and who hasn’t?) this will be a good time to do a self inventory; not for the purpose of condemnation but to understand ourselves better. These are stressful times and we may not be taking the time to self-nurture in ways we usually do. In addition to getting enough sleep, eating our fruits and veggies, moving our bodies, and practicing stress reduction, there is something else we can do.

We can connect the dots between our thoughts and behaviors and the results we see. It’s human nature to see a gap between our own efforts, or lack thereof, and outcomes; it’s also immature. Sometimes when we are not pleased with a conclusion it may be we are impatient, not willing to wait, or we have not expended the necessary effort or resources to create the effect we want. We sometimes spend lots of time and money complaining about other people or circumstances we can’t control or seeking help to identify dysfunctional habits that are obvious to everyone except us. 

I’m not suggesting we not seek professional help when we need it. But, I am suggesting the Scorpio Moon is a powerful detective, surgeon, revealer and healer. If we are willing to go inside and carefully review a few things, we might find we easily identify the hang-up or roadblock. It’s worth a try isn’t it? In late evening this creative and sensitive Moon aligns with Neptune, a planet associated with compassion, forgiveness and spiritual insight. This can be a healing salve that helps us move from identification to motivation. 

Daily Muse: The greatest discovery of any generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering the attitudes of their minds. (Albert Schweitzer – Saturn in Aquarius)

April 10
Moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius
Mercury enters Aries 9:48pm
Moon Goes Void of Course 12:35pm, enters Sagittarius 1:35pm
The Scorpio Moon finds kinship with Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn this morning. Any revelations of the past few days may lead to productive applications as we are encouraged to ground our ideas. Mid-day the Moon finds a friendly outlet for self-expression when it forms a strong bond with Mercury at the very end of Pisces. This may indeed be an important message or revelation coming through as Mercury’s retrograde created a deep and extended trip through the sign of imagination and healing. This also is good news for heart-felt conversations and communications. Hop on this tenderness train now – tonight Mercury enters restless, excitable, and powerful Aries. There is nothing quiet or subtle about communications when Mercury marches through this sign!

This afternoon the Moon enters fiery and passionate Sagittarius. We think of Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius as the seeker of truth, and when the Moon is just past being full (last Tuesday) and finds itself in Sagittarius we are truly revved up and excited about what we consider to be the truth. Watch for people being more out-there with ideas and opinions about right and wrong, God, religion, spirituality and many other things. This energy could do with a touch of humility. 

When the Moon connects with Saturn in forward thinking Aquarius in late afternoon we might want to think about how much our own experiences and feelings influence our sense of truth. If unrestrained, we might tend towards being manipulative (for other people’s good, of course!), attention-seeking and maybe even a bit obnoxious. With a little self-control, we can use wisdom and enthusiasm to influence and motivate without bullying or being aggressive.  

And then along comes Mercury, eager and willing to jump into fiery and inspirational Aries. As an astrologer I’m smiling at the synchronicity of the Moon in fiery Sagittarius as a prelude to Mercury’s long-awaited arrival in Aries. I have this sense we have been holding back our thoughts for way to long and now we are about to explode. Mercury in Aries expresses with fervor, enthusiasm, passion, and sometimes volume.

Although Aquarius is the sign we usually associate with inventors, a number of brilliant minds have Mercury in Aries, probably because the first sign of the zodiac is restless with the status quo, doesn’t always believe what they are told, and want to check everything out for themselves. Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Joseph Campbell are examples of Mercury in Aries. Unconventional ideas are of particular interest to this crowd. 

When Mercury is in Aries we speak our minds. Sometimes it manifests as powerful abilities to speak, influence, and communicate. Other times, we can come off like loud-mouths and braggarts. I think the phrase “Did I say that out loud?” must have been first uttered by someone with Mercury in Aries. Mercury in this fiery sign is restless, easily bored, but quick to understand and grasp new ideas and information. This is no time to be thin-skinned or overly sensitive. Think of Mercury in Aries like a child who says what they think with little or no filter. “Kids say the darndest things.” 

Daily Muse: Reality is something you rise above… I'm not a very good singer. I just know how to present a song, and honey, I think I've been through enough to do it right. (Liza Minelli- Mercury and Venus in Aries.)

April 11
Moon in Sagittarius
Mercury is wasting no time making friends and allies as he flies through pioneering Aries. By late afternoon he finds a friend of like mind in Saturn in forward-thinking Aquarius. But before we go shooting off into never-never land we might want to check our facts. Moving too quickly we might overlook some vital piece of information. “All that glitters is not gold” and I have a feeling there are some snake oil sales people out there. Disciplined Saturn can help us separate fact from fiction and steer clear of unnecessary distractions and false veneers.  

There is light at the end of the tunnel but we have to be cautious and patient to find it. Although, this will be a challenge with the Moon in adventurous Sagittarius driving us forward. Don’t be afraid to slow down the pace if you feel like something is moving way too fast or getting out of control. As Mercury moves into a square with the Nodes of the Moon, we may feel caught between the allure of the future and the perceived comfort of the past. We may temporarily feel like a bug caught in a spider web but the feeling won’t last long. Instead of struggling, take stock of your surroundings and what’s happening. This will provide all the information you need to get going again. 

Daily Muse: If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself. (Albert Einstein – Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aries)

April 12
Moon in Sagittarius/Capricorn
Happy Easter
Moon Goes Void of Course 4:46am, enters Capricorn at 5:05pm
We may have to do a virtual Easter Egg Hunt today, but creative folks can find ways to adapt to current limitations and guidelines while still honoring traditions. The Moon in truth-seeking Sagittarius is more of a philosopher than a zealot but we can slip into black and white thinking or fanaticism pretty quickly if we go on automatic pilot. 

This is a particularly good day and evening for storytelling, sharing wisdom, and educating others and ourselves. If you are feeling let down by the lockdown, you might want to try reading an inspirational book or biography. The Sagittarian Moon loves to learn from the wise and is motivated by inspirational stories. Whether you choose a biography or a piece of fiction there are almost infinite ways to raise your intellectual and emotional intelligence through exposure to the right people and ideas. 
The Moon is void of course from early morning until 5:05 pm Pacific Time when it enters stoic and grounded Capricorn. You may not be physically with the ones you love, but this is still a good time to connect. Capricorn is the manager, executive, and patriarch. This might be a good evening to think about the future and goals that will ensure the continued success of your family, and/or your career or public contribution. 
Daily Muse: If grass can grow through cement, love can find you at every time in your life. (Cher – Moon in Capricorn, Venus in Gemini)

****The Sanctuary  is time we are setting aside each day with significantly lower rates so that you can converse via telephone or chat with our advisors and receive the kind of support that we think is fitting for this powerful and uncertain cycle. 

Sanctuary Times:

7 Days a week 5am to 9am and 5pm to 9pm Pacific has stayed on the air being the solid stability for you and anyone who needed some words of inspiration. The hosts deserve our accolades and praise for their commitment. You see, it was their strength that made it possible for me to leave and come back - which I'm doing on Tuesdays at 5pm Pacific.

I'm flanked by two classic greats -- Kristina La France and Melissa Frei. I can't wait to be connected with you again.
This period in history is bringing much to light about who and what we are. With so many of us staying at home, a whole new dynamic has been put into play. Some are rising to the challenges we're facing, while others are falling quite short of what might be expected. The gougers, scammers and looters are to be expected, but so many more are the best we can be.

For example, a group of usually unsung heroes is being appreciated for being vital, namely teachers. Millions of households are now together 24 hours a day. Over the past weeks I've heard from parents lauding the merits of teachers and child-care givers. I was on the phone with a friend who has a six-year-old son. The boy had about 10 minutes of schoolwork left to do before he was done with classes for the day. He decided that he was finished and that school was boring. His dad sweetly urged him to go back to work and the boy screamed back, "I DON'T WANT TO!" Dad, using a less syrupy voice, hissed at his son, "Get in there right now and finish up your work." His son defiantly yelled, "NOOOOOOOOOO!" My friend said to me, "I don't know how they do it every day with 30 kids." I'm sure that parents around the world are asking that same question. How do they do it? They are dedicated, selfless, hard-working and diligent. Teachers are important for reasons that millions of families are now fully appreciating. Teaching is still happening online. I'm glad I'm not a kid, or I wouldn't feel so appreciative.

I know a young lady who was recently accepted into nursing school. I'm thrilled for her, but I have a new understanding of the calling she is following. Sacrifice, selfless dedication, and grindingly hard work are in her future, as has always been the case with nursing. Nurses and other healthcare professionals, including but not limited to EMTs, doctors, ambulance drivers, hospital workers of any kind, and every other facet of the healthcare community, need to be recognized for their incredible dedication. Over the decades, I've come to know many nurses, both men and women. I admire them on many levels and am always amazed at their professionalism and focus on doing the job. Now we can see a more obvious showing of dedication and sacrifice coming to light. They, and all medical professionals, are on the front lines of chaos. They all deserve our gratitude and respect. Let them know.

There are those in our society who are striving to keep it moving. First responders of all kinds, stockers of shelves at grocery stores, over the road truck drivers who can't find food to eat on their journeys, but who still deliver their goods to us, rubbish removers, transportation professionals, anyone working a cash register at this time, restaurant owners who strive to give their employees income by staying open for takeout, as well as those who cook that food and make it available, delivery personnel of any kind and Postal Service workers are all heroes. So are the landlords and establishments that are waiving rents and fees.

Some may argue that this isn't heroism but simply trying to survive. I disagree. Whenever anyone acts in a way that is better for the good of the masses than for themselves, they are exhibiting the essence of heroism. Those of us who are following the directive to stay at home are heroic as well, for we are taking the good of an entire human population over the impulsive desires to do something in the moment. We are acting for the betterment of the greater good, and you should be proud of that.

Take the time to thank someone for their part in the positive energy put forth at this time. You'll be surprised what a simple word and smile can do. Thank others by paying attention to them and staying in touch. Thank yourself by not taking unnecessary chances and playing it safe.

One thing is becoming obvious to me. We are all in this together. We will make it through these times, hopefully, more mindful than we were before. I know I'll never be the same.

Until next week, I wish you all peace and love.
Take a look at our manifesto. Click picture to enlarge!
Consciousness is cause. Infinite Divine Consciousness or Source is the Self of every man and the Life of every living thing. Through man Divine Consciousness is expressed in the physical world. 
Human consciousness is Infinite Consciousness restricted. It consists of our beliefs mainly based on our sensory perception of the world and our past experiences. It is the consciousness of lack, fear, limitation, sin, sickness, death, guilt, doubt, shame, etc.
Groups, from families to religions to countries have their own consciousness. Group consciousness of any kind is simply an agreement between individuals that share common beliefs and ideology.

Attention grows whatever it is focus on and agreement magnifies it. Right now, the consciousness of the world is dominated by fear. This is the thought atmosphere that we all navigate every day and the reason we may feel strong one moment and panicked the next. It is critical to maintain our energy, to ground, to have our feelings so that they can release and most importantly, to connect with Infinite Consciousness. It is the only place where inspiration, wholeness, peace and freedom exist and through our connection we become the channels through which they flow out into the world. This is how we can take care of ourselves and be of service to the world every day.

Have a very blessed week.

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Hello Beauties! 

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Now, in the past few weeks I have proposed a Warrior Mindset. Let's just call it what it is, an Arya Stark ( Game of Thrones)  mindset:  Not Today . And it appears that at every corner I turn, it's a whole lotta sadness. A whole lotta fear. A whole lotta depression and reactivity. And it's valid! 

It is absolutely valid for what's happening right now.
But, the follow up to that is, how can we fight for ourselves and others?

We will fight. We will fight for each and every one of us. We will fight for health. We will fight for wellness. We will fight for survival. 
We will fight for truth, because, these are our God-given rights. 

(PS I am not an Aries... but I'm shouting out to them now! Our fighters!)

It is my, and your, God or Spirit or Universal right to health. It is. It is health for ourselves, our loved ones, our health-compromised ones. 

And we never have to accept disease. Never.  Not Today. 

I have shared my experience with COVID-19 and having a compromised immune system. Some people poo-poo this, but when my immune system is over run, it decides to literally attack ME. My body's mindset is, "We are being attacked? We have to fight against disease? Nah, let's just join the Disease side and kill Gracie". 

Yes! It is seriously sick. But people see young and healthy, "She doesn't actually have health issues!" Actually, I am always one flu or disease away from hospitalization. And already death with a cancer scare, 3 surgeries and tens of thousands in medical bills. So I certainly have ground to stand on here! 

As do my clients that have defeated disease, cancer and multiple physical issues that they truly shouldn't have. They defied the odds. And the best way I would support them, is how I supported myself through all the health battles:  fight! 

We fight for health, and we fight to win. We don't accept illness. 
We accept miracles. You are a miracle, you deserve miracles! 

And that IS the Arya Stark mindset...  Not Today. 
What comes from that is strength and an ability to help others as well. 
Not just empower or encourage (that only goes so far), but to TRULY help. 

So far during this crisis, I am sending out herbs left and right to my family and friends that are strong antivirals. I have donated to hospitals, child abuse hotlines and food to my local shelter. 

When I was not strong, others have been strong for me. And if you needed to hear this today I am so happy! Because I will happily and enthusiastically be strong for you, today, as well! 

You deserve it. You deserve to know, you are healthy and today you are getting healthier. Every cell in your body is now.... and in mine.... fighting FOR us. 
We are strong, we are capable, and we are loving. 
Our light burns hard, fast and strong!!! 
Our Soul is on fire!!!

And this is the transformation we are receiving now from Planet Pluto. 
The ability, the strength, to walk through the Darkness and realize,

You ARE the Light, no matter the darkness. And you are prized in my eyes, love! 
An absolute prize that is going to WIN. 

Stay Safe. Stay Strong. And buuurrnnnn bright! 

Love Always,

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