Correction to "VOTE Now" Web Links
Dear GCA member,

Here is your GCA newsletter. If you haven't voted yet, there is still time. See below.

GCA Board of Directors
Ballots for the GCA Annual Meeting
If You Haven't Voted - Vote NOW
Virginia State Law requires that the GCA hold an annual meeting and that members of the GCA shall have the right to cast a vote for new Board Members (VA Property Owners Association Act ┬ž 55.1-1807). To seat a new Board, the GCA requires ballots from at least 30% (261) GCA Residents. As of today, we have 108 ballots.

If you haven't voted yet, please either:
  • Click on the GCA Web Site and the "eVote for Board Candidates" instructions. Or,
  • Click here to print a ballot, fill it out, and email it to Tim Durrer . Or,
  • Pick up a paper ballot at the Gatehouse, fill it out, and leave it at the Gatehouse.

Even though we only have three named candidates for the three Board positions, you must VOTE because write in candidates are also possible.
´╗┐Virtual GCA Board Meetings
The GCA Annual Meeting via GoToMeeting is on 18 Feb from 7 to 9 PM. By joining the "virtual" meeting you can listen to the proceedings from start to finish. The agenda and Board packet are published on the Glenmore website along with the draft meeting minutes from the 2020 Annual Meeting (click here).

If you want to participate in the Annual GCA meeting, contact Tim Durrer by email, or call Tim at 434-984-0700, or to join the meeting on 18 Feb at 7PM follow the easy instructions on our GCA Web Page.
We Need your Ballots for the New Board Members
Each year we select three candidates to serve on the GCA Board for a two-year term. There are three candidates, and we need your ballots.
Bill Cromwell - Board Candidate
Bill is running for the GCA Board in February. He has extensive Real Estate Asset Management and Board membership experience. Click here to see Bill's GCA Candidate Resume.
David Canavan - Board Candidate
David is a candidate for the GCA Board for 2021. He has 40 years of experience in healthcare and corporate finance. David's GCA candidate resume can be viewed by clicking here.
Diana Ferguson - Board Candidate
Diana has previously served on the GCA Board (2015-2017), and has offered her services again in 2021. Click here for Diana's GCA Candidate Resume.
Two Dog Attacks in Glenmore on Friday
This week, we had two dog attacks in Glenmore due to unleashed dogs.

The first was on Newbridge Road. A resident had his two dogs on leash walking on Newbridge. An unleashed dog charged across the street from a neighboring yard and attacked the two leashed dogs while the owner, now tangled in the leash leads, attempted to protect his dogs. One of the leashed dogs required sutures.

The second occurred on Carroll Creek trail. A woman was walking her dog on a leash when her dog was attacked by two unleashed dogs. In the melee, the owner of the leashed dog was knocked to the ground and hit in the head with the other owner's unused lead. When the now injured woman asked the owner of the two unleashed dogs for her name, she refused to provide it.

Albemarle County requires that all dogs must be leashed. Click here.

The GCA contacted the Albemarle County Police Department who stated that in the case where there are injuries and the offending party refuses to provide a name, that incident should be reported to the Police (Non-Emergency Number 434-977-9041).

For animal injuries caused by unleashed dogs, contact Albemarle County Animal Control at (434) 977-9041) to file a report.

Watch These Dates
Feb 18: The GCA Annual Meeting 7-9 PM (GoToMeeting)
Mar 4: GCA Board working meeting 5-7 PM (GoToMeeting)
Mar 14: Daylight Saving Time - Spring Ahead
Mar 18: GCA Board Meeting 7-9 PM (GoToMeeting)
Mar 20: The Vernal Equinox (Spring Begins)