Correction to “Who Killed Dana Ireland?” At 58:00 minutes into the documentary I state, “Our investigation showed that Jim Ingham and Sandy Ireland lived at 14-4909 Kahi Ina Place" in the Kapoho Vacationland subdivision. This is an error, they did not live at that address.

A recent review of the police reports showed that Jim and Sandy actually lived on Ililani Road. We were not able to find the street address. Therefore, we now believe that the driver of the pickup truck that attacked Dana lived on Ililani Road. Most likely, the killer’s nine year-old male passenger also lived on Ililani Road.

On December 10, 1991, Dana moved from Jim and Sandy’s house on Ililani Road to the parents’ rental house on Kapoho Kai Drive in the Kapoho Vacationland subdivision. We believe that the driver of the pickup truck was observing Dana at her sister’s house on Ililani Road. When she disappeared on December 10 th he became frustrated and angry.
When he saw her bike riding two weeks later on Kapoho Kai Drive he pulled close to Ililani Road and stopped. Perhaps hoping she was going to make a left turn onto Ililani Road, returning to Jim and Sandy’s where he could attack her later. When it became apparent that she was going straight and not turning left, he accelerated, spinning his tires, and ran her over.

If you lived on Ililani Road in December of 1991, especially if you lived close to Jim and Sandy’s, you may know something. In Part 2 of JUSTICE FOR DANA “3 Puna Men Wrongfully Convicted” we will further correct this error.

Judge Michael Heavey (Ret.)
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