Correction to News from Grace Episcopal Hopkinsville
News for October 1, 2013

Breaking News!!  Read Immediately!!  (Correction! Next week!)


The Welcome Home celebration for our troops returning from deployment has been in the plans for months and is finally scheduled for next Wednesday (October 9).  Here is the communication from Tom Brewer:


"We have a Welcome Home flight scheduled for next Wednesday.  We must be at the hangar around 9:50 am with the arrival time scheduled for 12:50 pm. Those interested in participating, meet at Grace Church around 9:00 am and we'll convoy to the base.  Be advised that these flights may not arrive as scheduled, sometimes early, more often late.  This particular flight is smaller than most with between 80 and 90 returning troops.  Anyway, we have a flight and are looking forward to welcoming home these soldiers.  Thanks, Tom"


Hope a number of us will be able to join in this great event!


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