May 15, 2020
Weekly Talon:
This is a correction to the May 15, 2020 edition of the Digital Eagle: Weekly Talon. This correction resolves an issue with the revised Operations Update fo the Greater Alabama Council and clarifies some confusing language..

GAC Operations Update, May 15th, 2020
Based on information we have received from the State of Alabama, CDC and other resources we offer the following update:
Units are allowed to resume their meetings and activities but it is imperative that the safety of our scouts and families come first and you meet all the guidelines related to maintaining a safe distance and disinfecting the meeting space.

We recognize that each unit is different, each meeting space varies in size, and the sizes of our units vary from 5-100 youth. So please use common sense, work with your leadership team, your chartered organization, and the families of the youth you serve, to make the best and safe decision for your unit.

Before meeting or going on a camping trip, make sure you can answer yes to all of the following:
  • Chartered Organization has approved the resumption of Scouting activities for our unit.
  • Meeting, activity or camping trip will be consistent with applicable state and local orders.
  • Unit will limit participation of those unit members who are at higher risk if they cannot be protected.
  • You are able to promote healthy hygiene practices and hand washing, wear cloth face covering if feasible.
  • Intensify cleaning, disinfection and ventilation of meeting place and transportation used.
  • You are able to limit the sharing of belongings, supplies and equipment.
  • Train unit leadership on proper safety protocols and guidelines
  • You will not allow anyone who is sick to attend meeting etc.
District Meetings and Events:
We encourage you to postpone any large meetings or activities and continue virtual gatherings where possible, utilizing conference calls or online video conferencing. Meetings or activities where it is difficult to maintain the social distancing guidelines should not be held.

Weekend Camp Use:

Effective today, May 15 th all of our council properties will be open to outside use. We will be limiting the number of participants at each camp so please make sure if you sign up for a weekend camping trip you communicate to our staff the exact # of youth and adults that will be attending.

Summer Camp and Day Camp

Every Scout Deserves a trained leader!
The Scouting program thrives with trained leaders, like you! Now is a great opportunity to refresh your skills, learn new methods, and update your training on things like Weather Hazards or Youth Protection Training. Click on the image to the left or the button below to take part in training that will help you be the best leader for our Scouts.