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Out of My Mind
By James Blundo
MMHCA Executive Director
Note: In our rush to get our news out to you yesterday, we have a couple of corrections and amplifications to Jim's Article in the April 2020 MMHCA Newsletter.  
We realize the difficulty during the present crisis. I hope you will continue to support each other. You will be vital to the recovery of America. We will do everything we can to think of ways to position counselors to provide compassion and support for our citizens and each other.
MMHCA has been very busy positioning MMHCA members and LLPC/LPCs to be in the right place to continue our growth as the premier mental health providers in Michigan.  
#1 Successful project: to develop a hotline for LPCs:
  • A month ago, I requested that our lobbyist contact the Governors office and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) to consider being included in a hotline for Michigan residents. Our offer was accepted.
  • We developed the Isaac Robinson Survey to recruit LPCs for this purpose.
  • The Isaac Robinson Survey is having two questions added to it, and it is being distributed again for those of you who did not respond to it yet.(See survey in article below in this Email.)
  • Nearly 500 counselors answered the call to the initial survey. Thanks to all that signed up to do pro bono or telehealth for those in need.
  • After considerable negotiations, we were able to include all of those that signed up.
  • As of this week all 500 signed on are included with all layers of hotlines offered by MDHHS and the Governor's office. They may be getting calls soon.
  • In addition, MMHCA was approached by NASW-Michigan Chapter to be included in a list of providers. We are insisting that all approved mental health providers be licensed by the state.
  • We offered NASW-Michigan Chapter all collaborative relationship discussion to better deliver services to the citizens of Michigan. We have already started discussions.
#2 Inclusion of LPCs in Medicare as providers.
  • A month ago, we came up with the idea to request that our existing legislation in the US House HR 945 and Senate S 286 into the next COVID Recovery Bill to be introduced next month. I contacted Senator Stabenow's office. Her staff agreed to consider this idea. Her response was very positive and it's under consideration.
  • We sent out a call to action at the same time to the House of Representatives. If you have not contacted your Rep, please do so soon. Look on our website www.mmhca.org  for information, or watch for information on our Facebook Page (Michigan Mental Health Counselors Association).  
  • Our efforts along with AMHCA has produced positive results.
Inclusion of LPC's is being recommended by federal officials
  • Inclusion will be a huge boost to our profession nationwide and help us advance MMHCA's goal of creating a well-deserved living wage. Let's fight for this!
I am announcing an online Human Trafficking Workshop for Friday May 22 nd. Our presenter is Dr Jeremy Norwood who has produced over 50 workshops with 3000 attendees so far. A certificate will be given to participants. We will not be able to offer CEU's for this workshop. This will be the last chance for anyone who has their license expiring May 31 st. We will have details and registration form on our website next week.
We are creating innovative programs to enhance the profession.
  • Online interaction projects
  • Affinity programs to give added value to your membership.
  • Creating a cutting-edge statewide conference

Newsletter by:
Cindy S. Goldman, MEd, LPC, NCC
MMHCA Member at Large