May 31, 2019
River Road Corridor Study Workshop
The second workshop for the River Road Corridor Study is this Monday! Drop by the Emergency Services Training Center, 1705 W 2nd Ave., from 4:00-6:00 pm to review the work of the design team and provide your input.

Participants will refine the land use concepts developed at the first workshop and answer questions like:
  • How well do the example development types fit with your vision and goals for the River Road Corridor area?
  • Are there specific locations along the Corridor or in the Neighborhood Centers where you think different development types are most needed and appropriate?
  • How well do the different ideas achieve your desired neighborhood character?

This Corridor Study is a chance to dive into greater detail and study transportation, economic development, and land use associated with the River Road corridor. The outcomes of the Corridor Study will all help implement the neighborhood vision that we have developed through the ongoing River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan.