We’ve just discovered an inaccurate reporting of the 3-Lane Concept travel time statistic in our Corrine Drive study materials and are writing to make you aware of a correction.

Our materials have stated that the rush hour travel time for the 3-Lane Concept and 3-Lane Concept Variation is 27.3 minutes in the morning. The morning rush hour travel time is being corrected to 29.8 minutes . The evening drive time is still 23.8 minutes, as originally reported.

We’re deeply sorry for this data input error. It does not reflect the high standards of transportation planning that we set for ourselves. We’re sharing this with you in our continuing effort to be open, honest, and transparent with this study – even when we mess up.

Here’s what we’re doing to correct the issue:
  • Travel time reports for all the design concepts (5-Lane, 3-Lane, Hybrid, and their variations) have been rechecked. No other errors were found.
  • We have updated the technical report to include this correction on our website here. The report contains a new appendix, which includes a memo on how the travel times were calculated, the engineering spreadsheet with the calculations, and copies of the output reports from the computer software that was used to run the travel times. This additional information, while highly technical, presents all the data behind the summary calculations that accompany the design concepts.
  • We are reviewing our quality control processes to see what needs to be changed to ensure that this type of data input error does not occur again.

If this correction changes your opinions of any of the design concepts, please log in to our digital platform at Neighborland.com/CorrineDrive and update your opinions. You have until March 16 to change or add to your feedback.

Thank you for being engaged and active with the Corrine Drive Complete Streets Study . We remain committed to working hard to improve transportation on Corrine Drive and to keeping you informed. If you’d like to discuss further details with the project team, please plan to come chat with us at one of our remaining four pop-up meetings ( schedule here ).