MARCH 14, 2018 - In This Issue:
You still have time to make sure your voice is heard. 

About 1,000 people have logged in to give feedback on the Corrine Drive preliminary design concepts. But our survey is not complete until YOU tell us what you think. Please provide your comments by March 16.  
If you haven't logged into, there's still time. (See directions below.) If you only completed part of the survey, we encourage you to finish. It's important to have everyone's feedback on all the ideas. You may have received an email from Neighborland recently urging you to finish your comments.

More information about the study is available at

Here's how you can do it.

The online Neighborland platform will close for comments in approximately 48 hours, but
there's still time to add yours.

You'll be asked to create a log-in at through Facebook, Twitter, Google, or email. Once your log-in is created, you can provide feedback and vote for a favorite concept. You won't need to do everything at one sitting. You can take a break and log back in to finish by March 16.

You'll see renderings and basic info on 6 design concepts and variations, and you'll be asked for feedback on each. You can make specific comments by clicking on a drawing and writing in the comment box that pops up. Then you'll be asked to select the design concept that's your favorite.

In addition to the design concepts and variations, we posted 7 Proposed Safety Solutions. These address specific concerns or locations, and each could work with any concept. For these, you can see a rendering and a description of the proposal, make comments and say whether you think the idea should be implemented.

The Neighborland site also includes background on the study and a page of Frequently Asked Questions to help with your selections.

Pop-Up Meeting Venues & Participants

We held 5 Corrine Drive Pop-Up Meetings, where we got the chance to talk to about 250 people. We offered help on using, answered technical questions about the concepts, and chatted with folks along the corridor. Best of all, we learned a lot about what folks envision for Corrine Drive's future. Big thanks to our hosts: Audubon Park Community Market; Baldwin Park First Friday Festival; Leu Gardens; East End Market; and Redlight Redlight. Click here to see more photos on our Facebook page.
You gave us input. Now what happens in the third phase?   
We will read ALL the feedback you provided through Neighborland, then we'll work with the local government partners to come up with a final concept and the safety solutions that work best with it.
This summer, we expect to present a final plan, which will include additional technical analysis on the final concept and safety solutions as well as cost estimates and a strategy for implementation.

At that point, we'll announce a public meeting and other ways to provide input, so you will hear more as the time approaches. If you have friends and neighbors who would like to receive our regular newsletters, like this one, they can sign up at .

This study uses MetroPlan Orlando's draft Complete Streets policy to showcase how such approaches can shape a corridor. Using technical work, data analysis, and public involvement, it will suggest improvements to make the road accessible for all users. The Corrine Drive Complete Streets Study will continue through the summer of 2018.
The study is an independent analysis directed by MetroPlan Orlando staff and financed with internal planning funds, using federal and local government money. We are allocated federal funds from the U.S. Department of Transportation each year to conduct activities, such as Complete Streets studies. We also receive funds from county and municipal governments in the region, which pay for activities not covered by federal funding. The study receives no money from private individuals or organizations, and no plan will be recommended until the final phase of the study.


Check out the website: 

Or contact our staff:
Elizabeth Whitton
Project Manager

Cynthia Lambert 
Public Information Manager