JULY 17, 2018 - In This Issue:
You haven't heard from us lately, but we have something for you.
We studied your preferences and comments in detail to prepare for drafting a final Corrine Drive plan. 
A few months ago, we asked for your reactions to six possible design concepts and seven safety solutions for Corrine Drive. We did a thorough review of the data and comments submitted from more than 1,100 people.

This community input will help shape the final design recommendation. Here are some highlights:
  • Survey respondents did not agree on the best solution. No design concept received majority support in the question that asked which design was preferred for Corrine Drive. Though this input is not being used as a vote on which design moves forward, it provided valuable information on which features are most important to the community and how we might approach compromises on the final plan.  
  • There was clear support for pedestrian and bicycle facilities, which are sorely lacking on the current road. Again, however, there was disagreement on the best way to address this need.
  • Most of the proposed safety solutions were heartily supported, pointing to the community's desire to see safety issues addressed.
  • The Community Feedback Report discusses results on each design concept and safety solution, as well as additional information on how the support broke down by neighborhood and relationship to Corrine Drive.
  • We won't have a recommended plan for another few months. See the What's Next article below for details.
Thank you for helping shape the Corrine Drive Complete Streets Study! Ready to see what folks had to say?


Here's a look at what's contained in the Community Feedback Report on CorrineDriveStudy.org.
  • Introduction & Key Results: The overview of public sentiment.
  • Survey Development & Distribution: How the survey process worked.
  • Respondent Profile: Who took the survey.
  • Feedback on Design Concepts: Overall preferences and specific sentiments.
  • Feedback on Safety Solutions: Specific feedback on ideas to improve safety.
  • Opinions by Neighborhood: Breakdown of geographic preferences.
  • How Community Input Will Be Used: A look at how the survey will help shape the final plan for Corrine Drive.
  • All Comments on Concepts and Safety Solutions.
  • Complete Data from Survey Responses.   
We analyzed the input. Now we'll create a plan.
  The final phase of the Corrine Drive Complete Streets Study involves refining the ideas from the design concepts and safety solutions into a plan. MetroPlan Orlando will work with the local government partners to create a final concept that includes features from several concepts, drawing on ideas respondents supported and characteristics best suited to conditions on Corrine Drive.
We expect to have a final plan at the end of the summer, and there will be another round of community engagement to get feedback on it.  
Please watch for information on CorrineDriveStudy.org and in this newsletter.

This study uses MetroPlan Orlando's draft Complete Streets policy to showcase how such approaches can shape a corridor. Using technical work, data analysis, and public involvement, it will suggest improvements to make the road accessible for all users. The Corrine Drive Complete Streets Study will continue through the summer of 2018. To learn more about the study, please visit CorrineDriveStudy.org


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