NOVEMBER 30, 2017 - In This Issue:
Work on Phase 2 is moving along. We now have some preliminary concepts, and we'll soon be asking you to give us your thoughts and preferences. We're pausing community outreach during the holiday season, so you won't miss anything while spending time with family and friends. We'll start showing you our ideas in early 2018. More on that below.

Stay tuned for information on when, where, and how you can see the concepts and evaluations. There will be plenty of chances to make your voice heard. No concept has been pre-selected. That's why we need your input.

Now is a great time to remind friends and neighbors to sign up at to receive this newsletter and keep up with all the study developments .

As we continue to move through the second phase of the Corrine Drive Complete Streets Study, we're making some adjustments to our study timeline.  
Our updated factsheet and timeline graphic are now posted at to help you see which parts of the study have been accomplished so far and which ones are still to come.  
Phase 2 of the study will now extend into the spring of 2018, with Phase 3 picking up in late spring and early summer. 
Our ultimate expectation remains the same: To present a draft plan in mid-2018 to local governments that addresses issues our technical data and public involvement have revealed. We'll use public reactions to our Phase 2 preliminary design concepts to help shape the draft plan.

During the second phase of the study, our public outreach focus will be on presenting the draft concepts through a digital platform.
We want everyone to have a chance to view and react to the possible concepts, so we will post them in early 2018  and leave them open for comment for about two months.
Details on how to access the concepts will be posted at and will be included in the next newsletter.

In addition to the online forum, our staff will hold a series of pop-up meetings, at different locations in the Corrine Drive area, where we will be happy to discuss the draft concepts and offer support in using the digital platform.
Dates and locations of these meetings will be posted in January on the study web page and in our next email newsletter.

We also will make paper copies of the information available to those who prefer not to access the concepts online. We'll provide plenty of opportunities to catch up with us.


This study uses MetroPlan Orlando's draft Complete Streets policy to showcase how such approaches can shape a corridor. Using technical work, data analysis, and public involvement, it will suggest improvements to make the road accessible for all users. The Corrine Drive Complete Streets Study will continue through the summer of 2018.
The study is an independent analysis directed by MetroPlan Orlando staff and financed with internal planning funds, using federal and local government money. We are allocated federal funds from the U.S. Department of Transportation each year to conduct activities, such as Complete Streets studies. We also receive funds from county and municipal governments in the region, which pay for activities not covered by federal funding. The study receives no money from private individuals or organizations.


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