We are in trying times. At Hock Tools, we are in busy times, too. Truth be told, I am surprised at how busy, which leads to saying thank you!

Also, it is also time to deal with corrosion. Pesky rust is one of the most destructive and expensive natural processes, and we humans have pretty much caused it all by ourselves, by exposing metals to water and air. You probably know that the Hock Tools Shop is about two blocks from the Pacific Ocean. We deal with rust daily, but it is worse in winter, during the rainy season: salt and water. Fun! But, we have a method and are happy to share it. Although we wrote this article in 2017, little has changed in either the problem or solutions. I hope our article, Corrosion is the Pits: 6 Steps to Loving Up Your Tools so They Will Love You Back, helps.

Take a look below at what violinmaker Andrew Carruthers is up to! His Redwood Violin Project is inspired. Andrew has even created a special website to narrate and archive the Redwood Violin. It will not surprise me one bit if Andrew’s approach to making this violin takes a special place in violinmaking history. 

Of course, if there is anything you need from Hock Tools, please let me know.