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The Hock Tools Newsletter
#2 / 2017

I’d like to thank David Thiel and Rick Deliantoni from the video production department of Popular Woodworking. Without these two smart and funny pros, I could not have made a video of what I know about sharpening. That’s because David and Rick made the video; I was the just the talent, the pretty face you get to watch talk about edges and metal and zero radius, stuff like that.

And now, the DVD version of The Perfect Edge is ready and available. The title is just a bit different that the book’s – The Perfect Edge; the Video Guide to Sharpening. I used the book, pretty much chapter by chapter - to visualize its innards, explaining further what I’ve come to know about metal and sharpening for woodworkers.

Also, Linda thought it time to talk about rust. Keeping rust under control is a straight forward thing, unless you don’t keep it under control, which is far too easy to do. That stuff’s pernicious, especially in wet weather. Below, you will find a few reminders and resources.

Of course, if you need anything from Hock Tools, please let me know.
Ron Hock

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     The Perfect Edge;
The Video Guide to Sharpening
for Woodworkers.
In this 6 minute/57 second video, Ron Hock,
author of The Perfect Edge and owner of
Hock Tools, shows and explains how he sharpens a bench scraper.
6 Steps to Loving Up Your Tools
so They Will Love You Back.
 Rust is the product of the oxidation of iron. Iron and oxygen are eager to combine and make rust, but for this to occur iron must be in contact with water and oxygen. Air contains both of these, depending on the relative humidity. Water in the air is readily absorbed by a speck of dust on the surface of one of your tools to form a droplet. That tiny water droplet on the iron surface is all it takes to provide the electrolyte necessary to allow oxygen to combine with the iron and water, creating an iron hydroxide molecule (Fe(OH)x). Additional oxygen in the water combines with the iron hydroxide to form hydrated iron oxide (Fe2O3,H2O), which we know so well as brown rust: a porous, absorbent coating that encourages yet more rust. - Ron Hock, The Perfect Edge; The Ultimate Guide to Sharpening for Woodworkers, Popular Woodworking Books, now available on DVD!
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