Dear Friends, Family, and Supporters,

Corruption and the abuse of taxpayer money have come to light at the Lake County Board.

Lake County has avoided criminality by passing neither appropriate rules nor meaningful ethical guidelines for its elected officials. You can't breach an ethical standard when there's no ethical standard to breach.

We, as residents, citizens, and voters, can put a stop to this culture of corruption by making our voices heard at the ballot box and in our communities.

We must support those officials who would restore public trust in government with ethics reform. We must replace those officials whose lax oversight, wilful ignorance, or complicity brought about this state of affairs.


I am running for Lake County Board with the following plan for ethics restoration:

I support the demand for an independent and thorough investigation into the abuse of procurement cards .
Currently the County of Lake uses a procurement card process where Board Members are given a taxpayer-funded credit card to make purchases for County business.
Elected officials continue to demonstrate that they misunderstand how this taxpayer money is meant to be used. We must fix this immediately with a review of the role of Ethics Advisor, a review of the annual ethics training curriculum, and consequences for those in positions of responsibility who have abdicated their duties to the taxpayers and voters.
I will fight to end the culture of no-bid contracts and demand that businesses seeking public contracts disclose their political donations.
Which elected officials have steered no-bid contracts to businesses of friends or family? Why do we even allow no-bid contracts in the first place? How is it possible donors to Lake County campaigns don't need to disclose their donations when seeking contracts with the County?
This must end.
I will require all spending of taxpayer dollars to be published online.
This is simple--all spending of taxpayer dollars should be published, no questions asked. This includes all procurement card expenses since the inception of the program.

Transparency in government is not a newsletter that itemizes information that is already publicly available.

Real transparency requires a body to share all information regardless of whether it reflects well on its elected officials.

I am running for Lake County Board to ensure we finally have real transparency.

  • Add "Vote!" to your calendar for November 6.

  • Join me as a volunteer and make a difference.

  • Introduce me to someone you know in Lake County.

Thank you for the wonderful support and encouragement. Together we can make our government more ethical and answerable to the people.

Please, remember to vote on November 6th.

Best regards,
A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is available on the Board’s official website ( or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.