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We've been so impressed with the support we've received from the Corvette owner community over these last couple years and we'd like to thank a few of you who have sent in photos. You all have wonderful cars, and we at Tapeworks thank you for choosing our Rimstripes to put on your cars!

Andrew Querner's Silver C7 Z06 with 1/8" 6017 Reflective Red Rimstripes:

CorvetteForum Post - Loving my new reflective rim stripes
"After doing a trial run with some reflective tape I had lying around, I decided to bite the bullet and get the "Mr. Groovy" tool and install 1/8 inch reflective rim striping on my Z06, and I love the results.  I did not have a helper, so instead of lifting the car and rotating the wheel, I just rotated the tool around the wheel. A little awkward, but I think the results are the same."

Tom Smith's Torch Red C7 Grand Sport with 1/4" 6032 Fire Red Rimstripes:

"Thanks for your great product.  Black wheels just don't cut the mark without Stripe-It-All.  They needed some help and red 1/4" stripes really did the trick. Thanks again, as you saved me over $970.00 over the factory painted wheels price tag. Thorough cleaning of the wheels before taping is important, as your video emphasized.  After several power washes, the stripes are holding well.   Was at Road America recently.  I parked next to a similar vette at the meeting parking lot with black wheels and no stripes.   It was lacking.   Lots of Corvettes, and my associates all agreed, black wheels need to be striped.  Thanks again for your great product."

Richard Straker's White C7 Grand Sport with 1/4" 6032 Fire Red Rimstripes:

"I'm thrilled with them!!!  It's tape! Super simple, and it's held up perfectly.  I've had mine on about 18 months and it still looks like brand new. I am pleased with how well it has held up.  Mine show NO sign of any fading, NO sign of lifting, or edges coming up, etc. Washed the car MANY times. Driven in rain .... ALL day.  I figured if it does eventually poop out, it's so inexpensive that I'll just buy another kit. The tool, which I feel was also inexpensive will last a lifetime. I did have to shim my tool with a couple of tiny washers to get the spacing exactly as I wanted it. The "Stripe it All" by Tapeworks took about an hour in total to do, as you need to jack up the car so you can spin the wheel by hand.  Simple, and inexpensive.  NO issues.  Good stuff.  Holds up great!  I get lots of compliments on them and always send folks a link to your website..   We plan on Corvettes at Carlisle again this year...... lucky for me, we only live about 45 minutes away. That doesn't happen too often ..... LOL."

Here's a couple postings:
Here's a link to the new posting I just put out on :

Ron Black's White C7 Stingray with 1/8" 6032 Fire Red Rimstripes:

"I have a 2015 Stingray with the regular wheels, not ZO6.  My son ordered a stripe kit for me for a Christmas present.  Attached are before and after pics of my first attempt at striping.  Learned a lot and appreciate your help and advice!"

Barry Huber's Black 2019 ZR1 with 1/4" 6032 Fire Red Rimstripes down the side skirt:

"Finally got a few pics, the car is awesome. I sold a 2013 ZR1 which was hard to let go but not as bad now, lol. Thanks for the samples earlier.  I haven't decided on wheel stripes yet but if I do them I'll send you some pics.  I found another use for the tool. Fortunately the bottom edge was even and smooth so it easily rolled on.  Just an FYI."

Steven Pope's 2017 Admiral Blue C7 Grand Sport with 1/8" 6032 Fire Red:

"Thank you!! I've had a lot of vettes and absolutely love this combo!!!!!
I'll let you be the judge as to how great a match the rimstripes are to the red Hash Marks! I did tell A LOT of people about your product at the Museum bash last week where these pics were taken."

Thank you, Corvette Crazies!

Upcoming: Corvettes at Carlisle, August 23-26, 2018

"The largest and most fun-filled Corvette event in the world, the annual Corvettes at Carlisle event features more than 5,000 Corvettes representing all generations of America's classic sports car. Corvette enthusiasm is contagious with participation in autocross, burnouts and the parade through historic downtown Carlisle. The excitement continues with an incredible shopping experience, including a huge swap meet with a wide variety of vendors, an all-Corvette car corral, Manufacturers Midway and Installation Alley.

Tapeworks will be there in Building Y, booth BY005, doing live demonstrations, selling Stripe-It-All Tools and Rimstripes, and hopefully running around doing installations on customers cars.

That's it for this week!

As always, Tapeworks welcomes your photos of your bike or car! Just a couple things - please tell us what your bike is and what you put on it, and send a few high-resolution photos of closeups as well as wide shots of the whole vehicle to

And if you've got some sort of testimonial, send it on over, whether it's good or bad!

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