Corvettes at Carlisle!

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We've Never Seen So Many Corvettes!  


We'd like to extend a big THANK YOU to everyone who came by our booth during Corvettes at Carlisle last week! We received such positive responses from everyone who came by, and we're glad we were able to install those stripes on those cars that we could.
For those of you who aren't in the loop, Corvettes at Carlisle is one of the largest gatherings of Corvettes in the United States, held each year in a town 20 minutes west of Harrisburg. All varieties of Corvette were on display for all to see: From original 1950s C1 cars to Indy 500 pace cars, to the C7s of the current era. The '63 split window is Rob's favorite, and the '59 with its dual headlights is Ryan's favorite, but they're all wonderful machines to look at, and there were so many! Must have been thousands.  
Several of the old-timers we talked to said that we lucked out with the weather: it was in the mid-70s throughout most of the weekend, with low humidity, and we couldn't have asked for better! 
Rob was able to install stripes on eight or ten Corvettes on Friday and Saturday, and we sold loads of tools and stripes, so we considered last week a success. We appreciate everyone who came by for a demo, for some stripes, or just to say hello! I have a feeling we'll be back in Carlisle soon.
Enough of my babbling. Check out some photos!
George Ulley's White Z06 with 6028 Gloss White Rimstripes:

Mike Manziano's Black C5 with Lots of Fire Red:

In the background of Manziano's third photo, you can see how Corvettes covered most of the hill on the north side of the fairgrounds - they had made an American flag with red, white, and blue Corvettes!

We'll have more photos of your Corvettes as they roll in!

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That's it for this week!

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