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June-ish, 2018 Newsletter
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Fathers Day Gift Cards - Because You Know What He Needs
It's not too late to get Dad what you really want him to have, like the incapacity to frown, a hairless back, a veinless nose, or fungus-less toes.
Treat him to a gift card for Father's Day from Skinspirations 
Gift cards are available in any amount, good on any of our services or products, and with no expiration. 
Call us at (727) 571-1923 or email us at info@skinspirations.com  & we'll email him a gift certificate, or come into the office by 2 pm on Saturday to buy a gift card.

Where Are We With Stretch Mark Treatments?
Striae distensae (SD), otherwise known as stretch marks, are dermal scars with epidermal (outer skin) atrophy (thinning) and pose a common source of cosmetic concern. 

To date, no single treatment regimen appears to be effective for removing stretch marks, but some topical and device treatments have proven to be partially effective. 

Topical treatments:
Topical tretinoin (0.01%) has been shown to improve the appearance of stretch marks during their early stage when they're usually still reddish, but show little to no effect once they've become white.

Trifolastin, containing the active ingredient, centella asiatica, was shown in a study to help prevent the development of stretch marks.

Lasers & Devices:
Multiple lasers and devices have been shown to increase the skin's collagen & elasticity, and therefore are probably helpful with stretch marks, altho side-by-side comparisons haven't yet been done. 

Fractionated ablative lasers like our Profractional, work by replacing up to 20% of treated scars, with new, soft, normal skin. 

IPL treatments reduce the redness seen with early stretch marks and with a series of treatments, increase collagen in stretch marks of any age. 

Treatments with the 1064-nm long-pulse Nd:YAG laser, such as the Laser Genesis treatment with our Cutera XEO laser, increases collagen while decreasing redness. The long 1064 nm wavelength makes it safe even on the darkest skin and there's no downtime. Laser Genesis treatments also improve not only stretch marks but pore size, fine lines, and skin texture.

Radiofrequency treatments induce the growth of collagen and elastin, which gives the its skin elasticity, or bounce-back properties.

At least one treatment series of any of the above treatments is usually needed to see significant improvement in stretch marks, but thankfully multiple treatments at Skinspirations can produce improvement in what until now was a frustratingly permanent problem.

Attention Brilliant Distinctions Members - New Rules For Earning Points
Brilliant Distinctions, the loyalty program that gives you points for instant savings when you purchase Botox, Juvederm, CoolSculpting, Kybella, & SkinMedica products, has new  rules. These changes are causing confusion for our patients who didn't know about them until they try to use their points. 

Here is a summary of the Brilliant Distinctions rules on earning points:

Botox Cosmetic - Points can be earned on treatments at least 91 days apart

Juvederm dermal fillers (Juvederm Ultra & Ultra Plus, Voluma, Volbella, Vollure) - Points for a maximum of 4 syringes per day and yearly cap of 8 syringes

CoolSculpting - Points only if treatment intervals are at least 6 weeks apart with a cap of 16 cycles per year

Remember also that all points expire 
9 months after the last eligible treatment .

Brilliant Distinction Points can be redeemed in the office for all Allergan treatments listed above or for SkinMedica products from our online store.  
Cosmetic cannabis

Skinspirations Continues Research on Cosmetic Cannabis

sorry, I lost my train of thought because Jeanne made me laugh
Surprising Cosmetic Medical Trends Among Millennials 
With millennials publishing so many photos of themselves on social media, it's not surprising that their generation shows an unprecedented willingness to have cosmetic treatments. 

A recent large-scale survey about millennials' opinions on cosmetic procedures revealed that almost 40% of them have either had or plan to have a cosmetic treatment in the next 12 months. 

Even more surprising is that > 50% don't trust social media sources and only 10% trust celebrity endorsements when choosing their cosmetic providers. Not surprisingly, 75% said they trusted their friends and physicians when making choices about where they'd have treatments. 

The most important factors that influenced what was important to the survey respondents in choosing cosmetic providers in the survey were provider credentials (90%) followed by ratings & reviews (84%).

The Changing Physique of Golf - Men's CoolSculpting
Funny pro golfer & CoolSculpting fan Ian Poulter leads the Coolsome Challenge
Funny pro golfer & CoolSculpting fan Ian Poulter leads the Coolsome Challenge
Ian Poulter get CoolSculpting to his chin(s)
Ian Poulter get CoolSculpting to his chin(s)

Refer Your "Friends"
Refer friends who are new to Skinspirations, and get a $50 Skinspirations Gift Card every time one of them has their first treatment with us. 

Join These Rewards Programs for Bonuses & Rebates

brilliant distinctions
Earn Redeemable Points When You Buy:
BD Products

You can also shop online at the Brilliant Distinctions® Mall and earn points on every purchase. Buy from many of your favorite retailers and as your gift list gets shorter, your savings on future BD treatments and products get bigger!

BD Mall

Earn Rewards for All Restylane Products, Sculptra Aesthetic & Dysport
Click here to download the Obagi Premier Points app for IOS or Android

June Patient Appreciation Specials


15% off your favorite Sunscreens, including new Intellishade SPF 45 (with 20 anti-aging ingredients)  TruPhysical SPF 45 (also with no chemical sunscsreens) , MatteOriginal, Obagi Sun Shield Matte, designed to stay matte, sheer & fresh,  (for face & body) SPF 50

Get Botox for $9 per unit or Dysport for $4.00 per unit this month when you have any dermal filler treatment with Kate Dellangelo, ARNP (on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays) ; Corinn Singletary, PA-C (on Tuesdays) ; or Dr. Stacy Chase (Sat. 6/30)

Introductory Thread Lift (needs consultation) Special - $500 for treatment to brows, cheeks, jawline or neck, $750 for any 2 facial areas, $900 for any 3 facial areas or buttocks

$99 June Skincare Special- Oxygen Lift Facial (value $150) - Experience the exfoliating benefits of papaya & pineapple enzymes with an effervescent oxygen masque that brightens, increases circulation, eliminates toxins, and speeds healing, complete with pure plant stem cell enhancers to slow aging

Get a free Photofacial (value $175) with your facial Nanofat (needs consultation) treatment

Monthly client appreciation specials are available only during the month published (unless otherwise stated), quantities are limited, there are no rain checks or substitutions permitted, and they cannot be purchased with Care Credit financing (which takes a percentage from what we are paid). Monthly specials are not valid with any other promotions or discounts.