Aqueous Phase Biology
Qubit Systems has been designing and building equipment for aquatic biology for almost 25 years.  We  provide systems for a wide variety of applications, from monitoring photosynthesis in chloroplast and algal suspensions to measuring O2 consumption and CO2 production in fish.  All of our sensors use the same intuitive data acquisition and control software, so you spend more time doing science and less time configuring equipment.

Q-Box Aqua from $5000 US
The Q-Box AQUA Aquatic Respirometry Package measures metabolic rate using automated intermittent flow respirometry.  The standard format is for larger fish, and a Mini-Aqua version has chambers of 9.0 mL and 1.5 mL for smaller fish and invertebrates.  An O2 optode is used for measuring dissolved O2 concentration, and the package includes a temperature probe, salinity sensor and all necessary hardware and software.  
We have been using the Q-Box AQUA for a year and have been impressed with the quality and versatility of the system. The technicians at Qubit are outstanding .
Dr. Tyson MacCormack,  Mount Alison University, New Brunswick, Canada
OX1LP from $3500 US
 The OX1LP Dissolved Oxygen Package comprises a water-jacketed cuvette incorporating a high resolution polarographic O2 sensor. It may be used with plants, animals, cells and organelles (mitochondria and chloroplasts), and to monitor chemical and biochemical reactions that produce or consume O2.  Cuvettes are available from 1.0 mL to 50 mL, each variable to 20% of maximum volume and fittings onto the same electrode base and stirrer unit. 
The Qubit OX1LP provides the best signal to noise ratio I ever had with micro-chambers.
Dr. Inna Sokolova, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Dissolved CO2 Analysis from $5800
Qubit's Dissolved CO2 Analysis Systems are available in standard and rapid response versions  including a precision NDIR CO2 analyzer with optional ranges from ppm levels to 100% CO2. 
Aquatic Controllers
Qubit's Aquatic Control Systems may be used in either freshwater or salt water to regulate DO2, DCO2, pH, temperature, salinity and turbidity in up to 4 different tanks, independently.  Data are recorded and displayed using software with acquisition rates from milliseconds to hours. 
 Click here and  here for examples of research publications. We are committed to providing equipment at a fair price, without  features that add cost without value. Our 24 years in business attests to our reputation for quality.  For user testimonials click here.

Field Use?.... Of Course
All of our aquatic packages, and individual components,  may be used in the field if purchased with our optional lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack.   Solar power options are also available.     
Try Before You Buy
Qubit has a limited number of packages and sensors available for loan for validation of performance.   Also please speak with  our representatives at one of our exhibitions (see below).     
Qubit Systems on the Road

Please drop by the Qubit Systems booth at the following conferences:

SICB                                                                 Tampa, USA                        Jan 3rd -  7th 2019
PAG                                                                   San Diego, USA.               Jan 12th - 16th 2019
Phenome 2019                                            Tucson, USA                       Feb 6th - 10th 2019