The Most Flexible  Gas Exchange Systems Available for the Biological Sciences
Gas exchange systems from other companies are designed for limited applications.  Typically, researchers and teachers must purchase equipment dedicated to specific purposes which lack the flexibility for application to more diverse uses.  The Q-Box concept changes all that.  With switchable components and common software, the Q-Box may be configured to measure a wide variety of biological processes, from nitrogen fixation in plants to metabolic measurements in humans.  Purchase a single Q-Box and then add just the components you need to expand its capabilities.

Standard Q-Boxes
Our standard Q-Box configurations are as follows:
     RP1LP:  Low Range Respirometry Package
     RP2LP:  High Range Respirometry Package
     CO650:  Plant CO2 Analysis Package
     NF1LP:  Nitrogen Fixation Package
     SR1LP:  Soil Respiration Package
     HR1LP:  Human Respirometry Package

However, look at the matrix below and see how you can add inexpensive modules to any package to extend its applications.  Pumps, flow monitors and gas analyzers are available in several ranges to meet different requirements.  All components may be swapped in and out of the Q-Box  using just two screw attachments.

Stand-Alone Analyzers
As well as being used in the Q-Box, each component may be removed and used as a stand-alone unit, since each is provided with its own power supply.  The Q-Box software can be used for data acquisition from stand-alone analyzers since each has an analog output.  In the rare event that any Q-Box component should fail, Qubit can provide a replacement, usually within 48 hours.  Just insert the new module and  return the original module at your leisure.  We strive to ensure that any down-time is minimized.
Did We Mention Price..... and Quality?
Our Q-Boxes start at less than $7500 US, including all  hardware, software and set up files required for full operation.  This makes our Q-Boxes the most inexpensive option available for your research and teaching needs .  Our prospective clients are sometimes suspicious of the low cost, fearing that you get what you pay for.  Not surprisingly, our higher-priced competitors like to say this too. Such fears are unwarranted. The Q-box analyzers have been used in hundreds of published research projects.  Click here and here for some examples. Our costs are low because we are committed to providing you with what you need at a fair price, without extraneous features that add cost without value. Qubit has been in operation for 24 years, attesting to our reputation for quality.  For user testimonials click here

Multi-Channel Options
Measuring one sample at a time can be inefficient or ineffective.  Qubit offers  4 channel and 8 channel gas switching systems that  may be used in both open-flow and stop-flow configurations for multiple sample analysis.  System control and rate data calculations are fully automated in software.
Field Use?.... Of Course
All of our Q-Box gas exchange packages, and individual components,  may be used in the field if purchased with our optional lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack.  The standard battery pack will run most Q-Boxes for up to 8 hours.  Solar power options are also available.     
Try Before You Buy
Qubit has a limited number of Q-Boxes available for short-term testing.   Depending on availability, we can loan clients a Q-Box for a few days so that our claims about performance may be validated.   Alternatively, you may speak with one of our representatives, and see the Q-Boxes in action, at one of our exhibitions (see below).     
Qubit Systems on the Road

Please drop by the Qubit Systems booth at the following conferences:

 IPAP 2018                                                                  Prague, CZ                           Aug 26 - 29th 2018
 P2IRC                                                                           Saskatoon, Canada          Oct 17 - 18, 2018
 SICB                                                                              Tampa, USA                        Jan 3rd -  7th 2019
 PAG                                                                               San Diego, USA.               Jan 12 - 16 2019