Learn about the latest machines and solutions for optimizing production of spheres, aspheres, freeforms and more.
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Discover the ideal grinding, polishing and metrology solution for your optics application
SPIE Optics+Photonics is less than two weeks away! Visit our team in booth 829 to find out about the latest technology from OptiPro that can take your manufacturing productivity to new heights. Whether you are looking to produce spheres, aspheres, cylinders, prisms, or freeforms, exceed your customer's expectations with the perfect OptiPro solution for the job.
Automation Solutions
Automation Solutions
-  Robotic machine tending to assist optical fabrication technicians

-  Automated part loading and unloading of optics, programmed cleaning of optics after grinding and polishing, etc.

-  Increase throughput and enhance your bottom line
PRO 80 UFF: CNC Asphere Polisher
PRO 80 UFF CNC Asphere Polisher
Ideal for polishing aspheric lenses up to 80mm in diameter made from optical glass, ceramic or crystal materials

-   Easy-to-use Graphical User Interface for aspheres with step-by-step process driven software (U Series)
UltraSurf Non Contact Metrology System
UltraSurf Non-Contact Metrology Solutions
-  Measure form, thickness, RoC and wedge in one setup

-  Optimized data acquisition for fast measuring of aspheres and freeforms

-   Accurately measure ANY asphere up to 300mm in diameter
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