Commercial & Industrial Interlocking Flooring
Cost of flooring vs. cost of installation
Price is inherent when doing any kind of construction project. The winning bid often goes to the lowest bidder. Yet the considerations around replacing a lab floor force facilities managers and lab managers to look beyond price and factor something more important—cost to install.

Cost to install goes beyond the time a lab will have to be out of operation and how much you have to pay workers to install. It includes floor prep and the condition of the existing flooring and the concrete beneath it. Some of the questions that need to be asked include:

  • Does the underlying concrete pass moisture tests?
  • If the concrete beneath is new, has it passed the 90-day cure period?
  • If there is an existing floor, does it have asbestos in either the tile or adhesive?
  • If there is an existing floor, do you want to install without removing it?

When these questions are taken into consideration, the cost of the actual flooring can pale into comparison with the impact and expense of installation. That’s why we go through a series of questions with every prospect prior to customers making a selection to ensure they are making the best overall investment from all angles.

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Healthcare lab flooring
As more and more healthcare labs and practices use more sophisticated electronic devices, the risk of damage due to unchecked static electricity increases. In this video, SelecTech President Tom Ricciardelli speaks to these risks and how ESD flooring systems—flooring and footwear—can address these issues.
Biosafety labs
In an environment where safety is of the utmost importance, having a flooring system that protects equipment from damaging electrostatic discharges, along with the ability to withstand chemicals and other biohazard materials is crucial. With SelecTech flooring, you have a variety of options that meet the requirements of all levels of biosafety laboratories.

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