COSTFLEX: New Reports Available

All hospitals are currently experiencing record low daily censuses in the wake of COVID-19. In response to numerous client requests for a report that will allow them to accurately and efficiently report year to year performance comparisons, your CostFlex development team went to work and is excited to announce and release a new reporting series.
As requested, this reporting series will allow CostFlex clients to quickly and accurately quantify the variances in charges, cost and counts from one year to another.
Please contact your CostFlex Support Team member to receive this new code update and we will appreciate your input to help us make this report more useful for your team.
Year to Year Comparison

In addition to the Year to Year Comparison report that shows the overall performance from one period to another, April will bring the first COVID-19 patient demographics that can be used to report the Corona Virus patients themselves.
CostFlex Support Staff are standing by to assist your team with developing the needed Product groupings for reporting COVID-19 cases.
If your organization has sent employees home or is experiencing staffing difficulties in general, please do not hesitate to request assistance from CostFlex to help with system maintenance and special reporting during this crisis.
COVID-19 Product Grouping
Excel Reporting using the COVID-19 Product Grouping

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