April showers bring Spring flowers – and the

21st Annual CostFlex User Group meeting!

We hope you were able to enjoy some friendly fun on April Fool’s Day and don’t forget that April 6th is “International Pillow Fight Day” and April 7th is “National No Housework Day” (😊 we can all agree on that one being a favorite!).  

The 21st Annual CostFlex User Group is fast approaching!

Are you registered and reserved for your first in-person event in literally years?!

Did you know that conference attendees will earn 14.3 hrs of CPE credits?

Your dedicated staff at CostFlex are hard at work to host this amazing opportunity to increase your knowledge and effective use of your CostFlex software.

There are some that have shared late approval reviews and other delays to getting their place at the learning table April 27 to 29 in Ft Walton Beach and we are ready to help however we can.

It’s our hope to have everyone be able to join us and we are here if you need our assistance.

Networking events, one-on-one training opportunities and more are all available for attendees.

This event only comes around once a year so don’t miss out!

CostFlex User Group Registration

Costing as a Service [CaaS] is quickly gaining momentum 

In a time of growing staff shortages in healthcare that extend to the finance profession, having a complete and accurate cost accounting service that requires zero internal staff to maintain host is gaining popularity daily.

With CaaS, the journey to reliable and extensive service line performance reporting starts with a turnkey installation and ends with a fully hosted and maintained cost accounting and reporting package – all provided 100% by the professional staff at CostFlex Systems, Inc.

Unique to this service is the ability to convert part or all of the service to internal staff and/or hosting in the future if staffing resources are increased. Just let CostFlex know it is time!

If your organization does not currently have access to accurate and complete service line reporting due to staffing constraints or other obstacles, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information, a remote product demonstration and pricing to join other organizations that are already enjoying the effortless use of CaaS!

Be sure to check the cover of HFM magazine this month as CaaS will be wrapping the entire issue to get the word on the street.

Additionally, visit the CostFlex website to find more information as you schedule your personal demonstration of this exciting service for 2022.

HFMA invites CostFlex professionals to teach the basics of cost accounting and reimbursement

If your organization is located in the Northeast USA, we encourage you to attend the regional meeting taking place in Ohio on May 18, 2022 at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio.

CostFlex will provide two educational presentations during the event to include “Putting the Pieces Together: Combining Cost Data with Reimbursement for Contract Analysis” (a CostFlex white paper on this topic has been downloaded by finance professionals daily from LinkedIn and other sites over the past 4 months) as well as a study of the basics of costing with “Healthcare Cost Accounting: As Easy as ABC” that will be presented by another CostFlex professional staff member with three decades of direct experience.

If you are attending this year’s CostFlex User Conference, these important presentations will be provided to all attendees in Ft Walton Beach Florida April 27-29. 

CPE’s for these sessions will be awarded by both events for those seeking education credits.

As CostFlex enters our 33rd year of successful business in healthcare financial decision support software, we hope you will take advantage of this knowledge share from our veteran employees!

HFMA Conference in May

HFMA Regions 6 Conference

CostFlex Conference in April

CostFlex User Group Conference

Share the knowledge 2022 is looking for everyone to take part and enjoy the benefits

We are currently creating the CostFlex 2022 “Share the Knowledge” resource, and we need everyone to participate to maximize the benefits for all clients!

You are in possession of successful practices information that might be unique to your organization alone – and other clients have similar types of unique success stories as well.

When we gather this important peer knowledge sharing information and distribute the results to all participants in the project, everyone wins!

We will be calling all clients this week to ask for your help and everyone that participates will receive an Amazon gift card for your help!

Let’s work together for the common good 😊

Email Your Share the Knowledge Submission